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need help making up my mind


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i have to get a new car since my truck is a complete gas hog. the only problem is i want a freakin fast car but only have 10 g's to spend. and i can't make up my mind on what i want to get. Mustangs are out of the question cause everyone and there mom has one, that and they suck to begin with, from what i hear 3000GT's are crap. i was thinking like a trans am or something but i don't know. SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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10 g's to spend.

Mustangs and 3000GT's are out.

You like the Trans Am though.

Get a Trans Am, problem solved. But what's more important to you - fuel economy or freakin' fast? No V8 pony car is going to sip gas. If you're into the import scene, you could buy a cheap ass Honda or something, and spend the majority of your money making it fast. But that could easily go past 10k.

For quick thrills, go ahead and get a Trans Am. It's a little more rare than a Mustang anyway. :wink:

Trans Ams are nice if you like the look. A lot of swapped Civics are cheap nowadays. Uhhhh...Silvias are pretty cheap as well. None of these are "freakin' fast", but they're fast.

Trans Ams are nice if you like the look. A lot of swapped Civics are cheap nowadays. Uhhhh...Silvias are pretty cheap as well. None of these are "freakin' fast", but they're fast.
yea your arent going to get the freakin' with 10 large unless you really know what your doing. chances are you can pick up a finished project car with a swap for 5-8k just because some people get desparate. one of my buddies picked up a low 13 second all motor civic for 8k and the car isnt even ment for the strip.

for a budget/good on gas/kinda quick car you are really forced into a modded honda. an aquaintance get mid 30s mpg and runs 13s with his turbo civic. which i know he hasnt spent more than 7k on.

hell i picked up my shell for 1100 and a motor for 300. i bought a parts car for 500 to swap the brakes, swaybars and seats. i bought springs/shocks for 700 and semi lightweight rims/ tires for 300, putting my total at 2900 which doesnt include the money i made parting out the integra. $2900 isnt bad considering its an all around performer and nothing major has gone into making power, aside from the weak engine swap. and i get around 36 mpg, 33 if i floor it everywhere and take it to vtec at every shift

a low end but reliable turbo kit would go for $1800 if get a kit and dont peice it together yourself. if i were to do this it would put my total at $3700 which is well bellow your mark. and you would have a low 14 second car.

say you get a beefier motor to begin with which would cost $1800 more(gsr, b18c) than the one i have(d16z6) and put a decent turbo kit on it(1600 more) and get it tuned properly, $400-500. that brings the total to $7600, giving you a low 13 high 12 second car that gets around 30mpg highway with a good tune(what that extra 100 is for). granted its not 'freakin' fast' but you still have 2400 to stick in your ira haha.

say you dont care about saving $ and you put the 2400 into building your motor for upping the boost. which will give you the ability to run 11s all day long with a good setup. its a lot of work but it does get the job done. i guess you guys know what i fantisize about.... :lol: but i guess 11s is approaching 'freakin' fast' territory.

well it depends on the year if your going for a f-body, thirdgens are crap,

second gens are tanks, and first gens are more than you can afford.

It depends on what you want to and can do. You can get an LS1 fourth gen with 300rwhp for 10k. If you can build a car pick what you like, but then dont expect gas mileage a 77t/a can be had for 2-3k, put a motor and tranny in and you have one fast car. LS motors get gas mileage, but the bodies on 4th gens seem to be bad, 3rdgens have their problems, and are a pain but once your finished your finished. A thirdgen in decent shape 4-6K with low miles. Iroc like my car expect to pay 8-12K. RS about 3K. But stock these cars aren't crazy fast. Even if they dont blue book as much as that. Guy with the same car as me with 140K is selling for for 5.5K

I wouldn't say 3rd. gen f-cars are crap. They don't offer the highest engine output true, but they can be modded fairly cheaply, since parts are plentiful. 1987 brought the arrival of a fuel injected 350 for the higher end models, if mated only to a 4-speed auto.

But he could get an early 4th. gen Tran Am for around 10k or less. He may not get freakin' or even better gas mileage. But with a healthy 275 horsepower, it's definitely a step up from his pickup truck.


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