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BMW e46 M3 Dinan? (Supercharger)


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Im just looking for the best way to make my car a little different from the rest of the m3's out there. Dinan is supposed to be coming out with a supercharger in 3 months as one of their options. Does anyone have any good or bad info on going through them to get the car modified. As well as performance times if available. And if it inhinges upon the life expectancy of the engine. Thanks.

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I live about one mile from Dinan and he's worked on all my BMW's for the past 15 years. I have one of his superchager kits on my 97' M3 for 60,000 miles now. Here's the skinny; if Dinan produces a kit it will be very well done and dependable. He does everything first rate. He's been working on this kit for years and the problem is that the E46 engines blow up. Dick Chan who runs Dynospot Racing who's also done work on my car told me of a client who supercharged his E46 (not a Dinan kit) and the engine siezed. If Dinan does come out with one it will be expensive but dependable. I'd go for it. I would not recommend buying anyone else's for an E46.....,just my opinion.

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They are a good tuner but for the price i would consider the AA STGII kit which they claim is 500whp where as dinan is the same price but much less power :-))! 500hp E46 M3 sounds good to me.

I have a 03 M3 conv. and I am selling it to buy a E36 M3 because for a $22800usd Da Motorsports has a 1000hp kit which includes engine internals turbo kit and 6spd tranny. :evil:

check it out



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