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Article claims the McLaren/Mercedes P8 Back on Track


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It's a cool idea but ...

The new two-seater, codenamed P8, is now being exclusively engineered by McLaren, which palns to oversee remaining development work before placing the sleek supercar into production alongside the front-engine Mercedes SLR at it's factory in England.

AutoWeek sources say the P8, which was originally intended to slot into the Mercedes lineup between the SL55 AMG and SLR, will now be sold under the McLaren name.

I'm wondering how this is supposed to bolster MB's reputation, when officially, it's not even a Mercedes.

News of the P8's resurrection comes after recent comments from Mercedes-Benz boss Eckhard Cordes indicating the Ferrari-fighting supercar had been abandoned as part of a broad-based cost-cutting program that has seen the German manufacturer refocus it's attention on core models in a boost to bid profitability.

Secrecy surrounds the deal struck between McLaren and Mercedes for the development, production and sale of the P8, though suggestions are that Mercedes may be secretly funding the project in a bid to negate any negative sentiment surrounding the launch of a flamboyant supercar at the same time it goes about restructuring other aspects of it's business.

S69 AMG, CL69 AMG, SL65 AMG, SL69 AMG, P8 - etc, etc ....

Sounds to me like a massive internal struggle is going on. Pretending that they aren't financing the P8, they'd only be kidding themselves. What's the point?

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Struggles are going on everywhere..

A Mercedes is a Mercedes if Mercedes accept it as a Mercedes! Take the truckdepartment from Mercedes, very little to do with sedans of Mercedes. McLaren is just another department, cooperation and directions does however exist.

I don't care much for McLaren anyway, overkill cars that are never seen over here. But F1 and soon to become GPWC, McLaren and Mercedes have things working now. This midengined car is not very Mercedes though.

On a lover level this is like Chevrolet would make a deal with a certain corean carmaker and start selling small underdeveloped cars under the Chevrolet brand here in Europe! Pity for Chevrolet, they deserves better - doesn't skyrise an image eighter by any means.

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Yeah, that whole thing is funny as hell. They brought the Chevrolet brand to Europe for that shit?! I would rather see the bowtie on a NICE car. Makes America look like it only makes POS cars (somewhat true).

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