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Anyone got any info on possible upcoming "Super SL&quot


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Supposedly Mercedes is working on a "Super SL", does anyone here have any solid data/info on it?

Any speculation as to what engine they'll decide to use on this lightweight SL?

Probably either a super version of the new upcoming 6.3 liter N/A AMG V-8 or a super version of the 65 engine ..... either way it would theoretically be an awesome car if they can drop the weight significantly.

Here's some links that might help, or might not oh well:




By the way, if Mercedes really has copyrighted the names S 69 AMG, CL 69 AMG, and SL 69 AMG, then does that mean they might actually build them? Just wondering .....

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Hey Persian ( he's a man of mystery, he's got hidden status. :wink: )

I wouldn't doubt that MB has these nutty cars in development, although I can't say I understand the reasoning. They already have more cars than the Santa Fe railroad.

About the "Super SL". The SL stands for Sports Light, but I question how light it could actually be. The SL65 weighs over 4,500lbs. and no current SL weighs less than over 4,000. And knowing Mercedes practice, it would be hard for them to shed the weight. I also wonder where the supposedly top of the line SLR fits into this increasingly cozy family.

And while copyrighting a name doesn't automatically mean the cars are in development, it's a pretty good indicator that the names will be used in some capacity, since a copyright requires active use I believe.


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