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M3 e46 - Exhaust system


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When my car arrives (re other post about import/export etc) i will be fitting an induction kit and exhuast.

I'm not sure which one to go for, but i have 4 companies on my list that, which are

1. Tubi Style

2. Eisenmann

3. SuperSprint

4. GruppeM (Titanium exhaust)

All i'm looking to do really, is improve on the 'strangled' standard M3 sound for somthing a bit more 'meaty' - i'll expect an improvement in performance, but it's not my main aim.

So, does anyone have experiance with any of these systems? Or know somewhere where i can find the info out?

Any other suggestions?



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Check this site out and navigate to the exhaust section. They have sound bites and video so you'll know what your car will sound like.


I like the sound of their exhaust systems but it's just personal preference.

They also have other performance products like intake and underdrive pulleys, they're worth checking out. :-))!

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Hey, good call. uucmotorwerks is a good place to check just how the exhaust is going to sound.

Strange thing about the Rasp-X muffler is that the car still sounds raspy. :wink:

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