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new CDI diesels to appear in SL, SLK-class


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A new line of CDI engines has been unveiled in Geneve.

And here are the stats of the shocking ones :

SL400 CDI: 315HP/730 Nm V8

0-100 Kph in less than 6s, top speed of 250kph ( electronically limited )

SLK320 CDI: a 3l V6, 3 turbos (two-stage turbocharging - 2 small ones and a big one) 286 Hp and 630 Nm

250kph (electronically limited ) , 0-100kph 5.3s, fuel economy 7.5l/100Km


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I seriously hope all new diesels whoever makes them, comes with some kind of particle filter. The 'dust' in form of fine- particles is a serious healt problem. But I think there are coming laws that a certain amount of particles are allowed. Cool diesels there!


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