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S-class Hybrid


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Yeah, that's pretty good for such a big car. Now if they can treat it like a practical possiblility, rather than a means to show off. They will be on the right track.

Hybrid is the first step to alternative power being more than just a fad.

This is good news, GM is a partner in this. Smaller cars, and cars for all people, will also benefit this technology. Volkswagen has also showed their support for hybrid technology. I doubt it's going to be much benefits immediately, but using hybrid means that an engine can be finetuned for working in optimal combustion, rpm range, power and efficiency. That is also needed as a further energy conversion is needed for producing electricity.

VW has also shown an interest in hybrid technology, because if they don't they'll get left out in the cold. They should anyway, VW is the maker of like the original budget friendly eco car - the Beetle. Perhaps hybrid will help VW bring themselves back to Earth.

The power of suggestion ensures that if any technology is popular, all the makers will be in on it eventually. It would be nice if they were motivated by a true concern for the environment, rather than a fear of missing the commercial band wagon though.

So it is good news, but the best results come when everyone put's their heart into it.


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