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Isdera Imperator 108i (Mercedes Study CW 311)


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Isdera Imperator 108i (Mercedes Benz study CW 311 from 1978)

NR 14 of altogether 30 world-wide

at present in the reconstruction (of 90%)

pictures of the present condition

engine: Mercedes Benz V8 5.6 L with 300 HP (DIN) at 5200 rpm

max. Torque 455 Nm at 3750 rpm

transmission: ZF -5-Gearbox (like GT 40, or Detomaso Panterea)

weight: approx. 1,250 kg

0-100 (62 miles): 4,8 - 5.4 seconds (depending upon transmission)

Topspeed: 282 - up to 300 Km/h 180 miles (depending upon translation)

CW value: 0.3815

L/W/H: 4220/1835/1135 mm (inclusive roof mirrors)

tire/rims in front: 285/40 ZR15 Pirelli P7R

tire/rims in the back: 345/35 VR15 Pirelli P7R

tank: 110 litres inclusive Catchtank

trunk: In the back: approx. 330 litres,

in front: Shut down, now only for watercoolers etc.. Climate

in 1968 Mercedes Benz presented the Study (Concept Car) C111 with the

Wankel Engine (rotary like Mazda RX7). A lot of people wanted to by this extreme sportscar.




Because Mercedes did not wanted to produce the car, most of the potenial buyers where very sad about this fact. Also the Porche designer and engineer Eberhard Schulz. So he decided to create his own C111, wich should be an advancement to the orange sportscar.

Like the C111 his vision should follow the history of the 300SL gullwing from the 50ties



The car should have a steelframe like the old 300SL or like the groupe C Raccars at this time (917/962) wich the Porschedesigner knows from his job. It should get a V8 Zylinder from Mercedes and only the best parts should find their way under the futuristic looking fiberglassbody. So he took the steering from the Porsche 911 and suspension parts from the 928. For transmission he uses the approved 5-gear-box from ZF

He tried to build a car, wih could be served at every local Mercedes Benz dealer or Porscheworkshop. Also the car should be able to be used for all day use. It should have a trunk with enough space for the luggage of two persons. He did not forget to place an aircondition and designed the car

with more space than you expect in a flat sportscar like this.

Instead od conventional mirrors he put a roofmirror, which allows you to habe an unlimited view to the back.

For sure it should get gullwingdoors, like the predecessors and because of the tanks, which are below the doors, like in the old 300 SL

The result was an extraordinary flat but spacefull sportscar with futuristic design; - the Mercedes study CW 311. The name was derived because of the aerodynamic value (CW) of only 0,311 CW , which was a sensation at this time and in comparison to other sportcars from this time. The windscreen and the sidewindows where designed in that way, that you have a perfect view to the outside, without being disturbed by the columns. I can tell you: The perfect overview...

So in 1978 finaly, Eberhard Schulz presented his Mercedes to the company and to the world. Mercedes was so convinced by his creation, that they permit him to but the Merceds star on the car. That never happend before and after this time. Actually, it was the only prototype, which was not created by mercedes itself, which got this honor - until today.


the CW 311 and Niky lauda



In 1983 Eberhard Schulz decided to produce some of this cars, because Mercedes do not want to produce it, like the C111. He changed some details and builded 30 exemplares.

The looked like this (no 16)





than this evolution model, wider and like FIA GT championchip




from 1991 he did a facelift



My car (No 14/1988) was destroid in 1991, I bought it in 1999 and we are still working on it:







or see this picture link from my car


as well, ISDERA produced this cars:

the erator (only one pice in 1968) also at german board


or follow this link http://www.arcor.de/palb/album_popup.jsp?albumID=3056906&pos=1&firstVisit=0&interval=0&noInfos=0&stop=0


the spider:



and the comendatore 112i







happy new year 2005

the final year


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Yes, great post, and Happy New Year! :)

The "Erator" from 1968 looks an awful lot like a Ford GT40 MkIII.

Those SL tail lights are very well integrated into the Isdera design. Nice car. What happend to your other Isdera?

The "Erator" from 1968 looks an awful lot like a Ford GT40 MkIII.

The Erator uses the windsheald of the Gt 40, but next to a GT 40 it is diffrent in proportions and dimensions.

It was changed several times in the years, so it become wider and even more look a like the GT.

First it had a VW engine, than Ford and later the 5 liter V8, which was tuned by AMG with 420 DIN hp

here are the pictures of the begining




Those SL tail lights are very well integrated into the Isdera design. Nice car.

The tail lights are comming from the S limosine not from the SL or SLC. I also thought, that they are simulare, but they are not.

What happend to your other Isdera?


I only have one isdera, the Isdera Imperator 108i (No 14/1988)

My car (No 14/1988) was destroid in 1991, I bought it in 1999 and we are still working on it.

It sounded as though you had an Isdera and it was destroyed, then bought another in 1999. But I think I see what you meant.

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This is a great forum. I've followed the development of the Imperator right from the beginning. I remember when Mercedes announced the C111 in 1968 and I thought it was the most beautiful car I had ever seen. When the CW 311 was featured on the cover of Road & Track (Car & Driver?) in 1978 I changed my mind: THIS was the most beautiful car I had ever seen! I will never forget the day when I heard that Isdera was being formed to produce the Imperator. I have seen many super cars and concept cars in my life, but in my opinion, the Imperator is still Number 1 and serves as a great tribute to Mercedes in particular and the German automotive industry in general. I am so fascinated by your restoration of the car that I have been trying to follow the German version of this forum since day 1, even though I can't read the language. Thank you for the English postings and I hope to hear and see a lot more.


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