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Merry Christmas!


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Merry Christmahanukwanzika to all. No seriously, merry Christmas. I got an early present from the big G-O-D in the form of a Christmas miracle. In all seriousness, I was able to walk for the first time on Wednesday, even though I had sustained nerve damage due to a hematoma only 3 weeks before. It was like in the movies when the blind man can miraculously see, except with walking. "I can walk!" (yes I actually said that) Thank you God.

And to all a very merry Christmas. I hope yours can be as good as mine. Fuck Santa.

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Who ever didn't get a personal holiday PM from me, I wish you a wonderful holiday too, and may you be blessed in some way like West was. - Keep walking bud!

There is nothing like that to remind us that life is magic.

- LateNight

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congratulations on being able to walk again. put it to good use and go see all the amazing things you couldn't before.

merry christmas and happy new year to all. to any who might have celebrated kwanza, ramadan, or khanukah, I hope your holidays were nothing but bright as well.

take this time of year to appreciate the things you take for granted, and to appreciate all of the small, yet incredible things that surround you. surprise someone in your family, donate to a charity, give something to a stranger. Most of all, be happy.

May the next year be at least as bright as the last.

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