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So I started off my birthday yesterday (11/19)


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I woke up feeling pretty good until I was leaving for work then I got really cranky because of all the slow ass sorry drivers that always piss me off because they can't drive worth a shit.

Well, I finally got to work all pissy and then I caught a glimpse of this young punk in a brand new GMC Yukon Denali. There's this hill that's fairly steep and he stopped on the incline. So he was sitting here trying to do a BURNOUT with the Denali. So I sat there and thought, this should be entertaining.

Well he tried once, 1st time he didn't succeed except got the rear-wheel to spin around once. Then he tried a 2nd time and got it to spend around twice but still didn't succeed. Then finally the 3rd and final time he got it spinning a little bit but then something SNAPPED in the rear like something just severed from the chassis.

You could hear him screaming out the window, "OH MY GOD WTF!". Then he took off the brake and went up the hill and you could hear the back of the Denali go CLINK CLINK CLINK CLINK CLINK all the way up the hill and I BUSTED out laughing.

My once foul mood was plagued with laughter, tears and a huge smile on my face. He might've broken something on his mommies Denali but it made my day!!!!!! I sure hate to be him when he goes home telling his mommy he broke her $50,000 SUV!!! vb_hahano2.gifvb_hahano2.gif

Just thought I'd share with ya'll about my hilarious experience on my birthday. vb_lol.gif

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Hey, don't feel sorry for a double post - It's your Birthday! :)

Air Jordans for young punk - $100

GMC Yukon Denali - $50,000

Repairing damage caused to mom's $50,000 Danali by heavy footed punk in $100 sneakers - $5,000

Seeing look on punk's face when he realizes he just busted mom's $50,000 Denali and is now in deep shit - Pricelsss.

Some things in life are smart. For everything else, there's MasterCard. :wink:O:-)


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