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2005 Venturi Fetish ...


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2005 Venturi Fetish

The electric automobile has arrived ... In the form of a sportscar!


Venturi, the French sportscar maker, known for their 300 Atlantique of the mid-nineties has introduced a sportscar first featured in concept form at the 2002 Geneve Auto Show, the all electric Fetish. The latest Fetish made it's debut at the Paris show last September, making it the first electric car of it's kind to be slated for regular production - just like the French :) . Saying that the Fetish is " full-production " might be a stretch, as it will be hand built to order at a price of $664,000 (540,000 Euro) a piece. But if you're rich and wish to be a part of a new revolution in powered transport, the Fetish is your ticket. While hardly a great deal in relation to it's performance, which is easily matched by a number of cars costing 12 times less. The Fetish marks the an opening door to the possibilities of alternative power, and that can only bring lower costs for such technology in the future.

A large part of the great cost of the mid-engined Fetish, are it's use of the most state of the art componants and technology, such as it's carbon fiber monoqoque chassis, and power packed Lithium-Ion batteries. Before the age of laptop computers and cell phones, more than a ton of batteries would have been needed to achieve the same power as the Fetish does with it's 670lbs. of batteries. The car, with batteries weighs in at 2,424lbs. Said to be a record weight for electric cars, and considerably lighter than most gas cars. The 242 hp. engine is a " linear torque " unit, with 100% torque available from the start, and spinning to a maximum 14,000 rpm. While the Fetish hit's a top speed of "only" 105 mph. it is capable of accelerating from 0-62 mph. in under 5 seconds, demonstrating that it's powerplant achieves a greater level of efficiency than many gas engines over 300 hp. Fetish also provides a maximum range of 220 miles between recharging, with a rapid recharge time (with 80 amps) of 1 minute for every mile traveled.

As far as the driving experiance, the Fetish is built in the fashion of a racecar with it's carbon chassis, light weight, as well as strong road holding, in keeping with the tradition of the 300 Atlantique. Some may find the Fetish a little on the wierd side visually - including me, but I make exceptions for French cars, which, like an SUV with mud slinger tires and no doors, must be driven with a sense of fun and adventure O:-) .

Fetish will be made available for sale in Tokyo beginning in November 2004, and in Los Angeles in January 2005. Two markets where environmetal issues are considered most important. Other markets offering the Fetish will be Paris, London, and Monte Carlo.

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Specs ...

Engine ... Electric

Power ......... 242hp. @ 14,000 rpm.

Torque ........ 162lb.ft. @ 1-14,000 rpm.

0-62 ............ 4.5 sec.

Top Speed ... 105 mph.

Length ......... 151.6 in.

Width ........... 77.5 in.

Height .......... 46.8 in.

Curb Weight ... 2,424lbs.

Who ever has a fetish for electricity, just put your hands in the air like you just don't care!



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No transmission as such that I know of. If you'll notice the interior shots, there are push buttons controlling Drive, Neutral, and Reverse. This engine is very different from a piston engine. Torque is constant, and with a redline of 14,000, no need for a tranny I guess.

Venturi plans to build 25 of them.

Yes, and you know how that goes, once it's here, it's expensive, but it will trickle down eventually. For example, part of the reason racing technology being used in road cars is infrequent is to curb the high cost of the technology from going down. So it's mostly a bunch of greedy, power tripping crap. But really, once a certain technology is readily available, nobody can stop the flow from reaching road cars.

Electricity is cool, but I still see the possibility of a small city car, powered by a two cylinder motorcycle engine. That would be cool. :)

but if it had a 3 speed transmission it could have that torque increased with a shorter gear for an even better 0-60 time. then a higher gear to add to the top speed. im thinking of using the transmission for torque conversion, not necisarily to stay in a given power band...since its literally a linear torque "curve"

how do i make a poll LateNightCable??

Only Moderators can create polls, but if you have a good one, I'll put it up for you.

About the transmission thing, I'm not too familiar with how that electric engine works myself, but putting in a 3-speeder sounds like a good idea. I'm sure it didn't slip their minds, but perhaps they just wanted to save weight. 0-60 in 4.5 is still not bad. Extending the performance much more, such as running the power through a gear box, might put too much of a drain on the batteries in some way, in which case the 220 mile range wouldn't be maintained.

The Tango looks like fun, but I'm not sure I would want to be traveling 150 in one, with a cross wind. :wink:

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Hallo LateNightCable,


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The fetish was presented in 2002. In this version it had a conventional engine from Renault. The cost where arround 35.000EUR (only) with some better performance than the e-car, with has only one gear for going forward, therfore the top-speed is a little bit slow.

Some pictures from the 02 car:








• 4 valves per cylinder• Hubraum 1998 cm3

• power 133 kW (180 HP) at 6100/min

• rear transmission

• 5 gears

• Aluminium-chassis

• Lenght/width/hight 3852/1793/1140 mm

• weight 850 kg

• 0–62 miles in 6,0 s

• v-max 225 km/h

• consumtion 8,3 l Super

• price 35.000 Euro (if it is comming)

sorry for the bad english...

christian and his isdera (Mercedes CW 311) wishes a happy new year




Yes, Geneva 2002 Fetsh made it's first appearance. It's comendable that Venturi decided to go with electric though, it turned the Fetish from just another sports car, into something truely ground breaking. Anyway, how fast do you really need to go to have a good time?

* Isderaimperator - Open up a thread in the Mercedes forum about your Isdera, post your pics there and tell us about it. :)

Anyway, how fast do you really need to go to have a good time?

as you can see (profile), i live in germany, where we do not have a speedlimit. Even 120 miles is not fast on german highways

on the other hand, i understand what you mean...

Looks like half-Countach LP400 (back and sides) and half-Vector W8 (front).

But the CW 311 was designed earlier than the vector. The CW 311 was presented in 1978. But you are right, both have something in common, like the windscreen and the windows, which are going over the side-radius. But the Isdera is more straight. The LP 400 (500) was designed in `71, but i cant find any similarity (?), except the form of the windshield.

By the way, i cant find a translation for the word "aight"

Isderaimperator - Open up a thread in the Mercedes forum about your Isdera, post your pics there and tell us about it.

I am allready a member of the german carpassion board. To see more pictures and more details, please visit my thread (more than 18000 visitors/hits) under:


or see my "garage" under


or vid under http://www.ansgarschuermeyer.de/carpassion/Isdera/isdera.avi

But I will open a engl. thread. I will post it here later, so we can talk about my "prototype"

I'm all for envoirmental cars and such but electric cars are not envoiremental cars, infact they burn more oil then gasoline cars.

Let me explain. A regular powerplant (coal or oil) gets about 45% efficiency. I remember from a tour of an electricity plant I had a few years back that they had an efficiency of 48% and they were proud of it. Added to that the loss of transporting all that electricity over landlines and such means you are left with about 35% of what you had.

Now modern day gasoline cars with electronics and all that technical mumbo jumbo get about 60% efficiency.

Using an electric car you end up burning more oil to get the same amount of energy at the consumer end.

It just doesn't add up that's why most projects were dropped.


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