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Mini Drifting


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Hey, that's pretty cool, with skinny tires out back, what a handling machine! :) And an endo to top it all off 8) . GIR, do you know what any of the under hood modifications are? That thing really goes.

minis weigh nothing thats what made them so good in racing their light weight also means they are good for drag racing its a shame to many hairdressers and estate agents(house salesman) have given the new mini a bad rep it well and truly makes me sick :puke:

The new Mini is popular with hairdressers and estate agents eh? I can see how that could be. I guess the New Beetle doesn't do it for them anymore.

I've had the privilage of seeing a real Mini in my neck of the woods, and it really is a little bitty, fun looking car. I don't think the Mini image is tarnished any by who is buying the new one. Side by side, they remain worlds apart.

you know the rear suspension has to be stiff as anything and there cant be any weight in the back at all. i would not be suprised if the rear had steal rods for struts. also its key to notice that the rear rims were smaller than the front. definitely to offer more sidewall flex so its still controlable in the turn while providing plenty of rotation. that looks like a lot of fun.

it is such a pronounced characteristic of a car with that kind of distribution: braking real early and hamering through and out of the turns.... and of course doing endo!!

There is a measure of pitch and role in the tail, so there is obviously some kind of shock absorption there, but the car is deffinately set up to have no grip in the rear. The car sounds real good too for such a small displacement engine.


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