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thought i would share news of my new toy


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as i have mentioned before in some other thread, i got another civic.

i got it for $1100completely stock. the motor is a d15b8(70hp super econo engine) with 185k miles on it, but thats ok. this weekend i bought a d16z6 longblock/tranny/axles/ecu/etc. for $300 and hopefully ill get around to doing the swap one of these days. as it sits now the only modification i have done is neuspeed race springs with koni yellows and integra lower control arms(for when i get a rear sway bar) and of course: a good wash and wax :)wNjEwNDQ1NnM0MTNkZmQzMXk1NDE%3D.jpg

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of course i would never mention anything to the insurance company. new jersey is notorious for having rediculous insurance rates. me paying $100 a month is great considering that i am 21 and yes that is just liability. my girlfriend pays $30 a month, but she is from pennsilvania.

i think this civic is going to have a lot more potential than the four door. the best from the four door was a 16.0@87 in the quartermile. as the car is now it runs an upper 18@72, yea i have to work on that. its kinda funny i didnt need to warm up the tires....not like i could anyway. suprisingly enough i have heard of someone getting a 15.0 with the setup im going to be having.

one second is a pretty decent shaving considering the only real difference is a lighter chasis. but knowing myself ill probably get too excited and pull a 15.4-15.6, either way its still better than the 4door.

i did the license plate as a joke :wink: photoshop :-))!

also as a brief update the d16z6 goes in tomorrow and i picked up a dc 4-2-1 header for $125

yea now the motors in. i wish i couldve taken a few picks of the install.

as always, i ran into a few problems. the engine hoist took a crap on me and wouldnt lift the engine when i had to guide the mounts to be bolted in. also the axle got stuck in the new motor so i had to use part of the new axle and part of another... ghey. also an unanticpated problem: the cx o2 sensor is 1 wire and the d16z6 has a 4 wire... time to run 3 more wires either way i was forced to sell off the header. it sucks but i still have the stock one so thats ok. i drove it around tonight and it runs fine no codes :)

yea i am having some fun with it. this car has stock exhaust though :D so she is nice and quiet unless i give it more than 1/4 throttle. it gets loud after that since i dont have a cat. when i do get the proper exhaust im going to go with a real but high flowing cat and pretty much any 60mm exhaust that is quiet. i hate undue attention.

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