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SL65 Video & CLS Brabus Pics


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Mr. Treynor has just recently taken delivery of his new SL 65, and he is very soon about to seriously upgrade it by Renntech. 8) :o

watch in the video how fast the car goes from Zero to 100 MPH ... just insane .... Treynor says his license plate frame will read something like "BMW's Are Great, They Taste Like Chicken" ..... :D


And the next link takes you to look at pics of the new CLS with Brabus body upgrades and wheels and interior ..... :-))!X-)


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I can guarantee that chicken tastes a lot better than that other crap they have on the menu, what is it called again, the AMG Blue Plate Special?

Someone should make Mr. Treynor aware that there are other luxurious car's ( BMW's included ) in this world faster than his, he'd pee his pants. Oh, and beat him over the head and take his wallet while they're at it. :) I think I've seen a video of a modified E30 M3 that would show him a thing or two about fast.

Persian, get that MB superiority nonsense out of here, you know that doesn't fly at Carpassion.

First off, which luxury roadster are you speaking of (by BMW?) that has only an ECU upgrade that can beat a Renntech ECU upgraded SL 65?

And if so, why doesn't someone set up a match from zero to 200 or more MPH between a completely derestricted SL 65 and the new M5?

That would be great !!

Or even better and more appropriate would be to have a CLS 65 take on the M5 or upcoming M6 coupe ... that would be really cool.

Second .... how hypocritical ..

This site is so brazenly and so incredibly biased towards BMW and regularly trash talks MB .... so don't tell me what to get outta here...

Is it that hard to see the allure of a really fast and luxurious MB?

Credit should be given where credit is due, and the M5 is an amazing and awesome car ... but why don't more people appreciate AMG's ?? Most people will never take their expensive German car to a race track or even race around the twisties, so a very luxurious and comfortable car with tons of torque is a very good idea ... hence AMG. :-))!

And that statement that you didn't like was from that guy, not me.

And how childish to revert to school yard bully talk by saying that other drivers would beat him up and take his lunch money !!! LOLOLOLOL

It would take one unbelievably modified car to beat a Renntech SL65, this is true, since the Renntech would also be unbelievably modified, so what's your point?

I would not say we are hypocritical, most of us around here favor BMW over MB, no secret there, but we do not " regularly " trash talk Mercedes-Benz as you say. Most of us are pretty appreciative of any good car.

The part about beating Treynor up and taking his wallet is called humor, a sense of humor is a good thing to have. Instead of a Renntech, perhaps this is something you might want to invest in?

Your 6'2" 290lbs.? At least we know you can't run very fast. It takes more than weight and muscle to come out ahead you know, for cars and people. Well I'm 8'4" and 700 lbs. - all muscle. The point being, this is the internet, so who cares? Having a crazy violent temper and a psychotic mentality is nothing to be proud of, perhaps you need help.

First, let's compare apples with apples buddy, let's not pretend there isn't a single modified BMW around that could compete with that SL65, especially now that the V10 models are well on their way. Such a notion would be the height of arrogance.

Bottom line, having favorites is great, but don't rub it in people's face, especially on CP, or you'll get it right back.

Well, sometimes people like to respond in different ways when they sense alot of bashing of one brand or one-sidedness or a lot of smart-alekness, but I agree that, especially on the internet, it is good to keep a healthy sense of humor. :-))! 8) :wink2:

And come on now, since I've been here at CarPassion I've been very very understanding, had a good sense of humor, and have been verbally bashed around, threatened, cursed at, insulted, like there's no tomorrow countless times. :-?

And also, as far as you saying the Renntech SL 65 is a seriously modified Renntech car, I have to disagree. Just getting an ECU reprogram is not exactly a serious modification, is it? :-))!:wink:

i love how you keep refering to him as "Mr. Treynor", as though he was your master, he has a name. It's ben. His money comes from his executive level position at google.

As for the S65 and the CLS65 and all the other untouchable mercedes sedans, who really cares. For the number they are making and the price they go for, it's effectively a tuner car. hey, how's about this, i'm going to get me a big 'ol crown victory, use the bolt in mustang cobra suspension, drop one of those Koenigsegg modified ford 4.6s in there (cause it's just a tuner modded stock motor), and go out and own "Mr. Treynor". If you haven't noticed a few common sense facts, this is a site that is frequented by mostly BMW fans, don't react with shock and horror when we shut you down for inflamatory claims that Mercedes is in secret cahoots with god to make the divine automobile. And who the hell races to 200+? I've never been 200 mph in a car. I sure as hell am not sure where anything could race to that fast. 0-120 i could understand, but 200, get real. Who cares what a car goes 120-200 in, how often will that really matter? And didn't someone just put up a thread with a M5 running the quarter in like 9.4?

Persian, you are the same guy who claims an ECU mod will make an S600 go 0-50 in 1.8 secconds, i just keep that in mind every time i read your posts. And if its only an ECU upgrade, why does the whole car have to be sent to renntech?

I'll just overlook the fact that Persian heavily modified his second post.

As for being bashed around and threatened in the past, chalk that up to some immature members. That's not cool for anyone to do, and the mods do not condone it.

Peace all.

Alright I agree there should just be peace also on these forums and we can all just agree to disagree and have our own opinions.

I truly don't believe that God is in a pact with Benz to create the perfect car, because I can admit, and actually have admitted many times before in the past, that Benz has cut way too many cost corners in the past, and that they really really need to focus alot more attention on cutting weight and improving handling. But I do greatly respect the fact that they are so powerful yet still really luxurious, comfortable, and reliable (compared to a daily driven Ferrari or Lamborghini, etc..).

From my experience and others I've talked to, Benz and Bimmer both tend to be in the shop alot for electronic hiccups. Both can address this, and both I've seen go to the shop alot to fix interior trim pieces and/or parts that have issues.

And I definitely give credit where credit is due, that's why I whole-heartedly agree that the new M5 and M6 are awesome and amazing cars, but I also just think that AMG's deserve alot more respect also.

I think a German engineered piece of art like a 65 AMG or an M5 or M6 is in a whole stratospherically different level than a four door american sedan with cobra and koenigsegg modifications.

Also, just for the sake of conversation, have any of you actually driven any of the 65 models? Atleast maybe the new 55 supercharged models?

Also, I think we can all agree that Benz is now addressing the interior quality aspects now with the all new S & CL, the current SL is excellent, the current E is pretty good, the current CL is very good also, and even the recently (2003 Model) S Class sedans are nicer inside than the 2000-2002 Model S Class cars were. The ML is a total disaster I know. The newly updated C Class is much better now, but before it wasn't exactly the best in class I know. The G-Class is amazingly well built atleast.

As for the next all-new G Class, well who knows hopefully they'll stick to the really rugged heavy duty high quality formula. The next all-new ML will hopefully address all the issues with the current ML.

And ofcourse I also agree that there should be some online etiquette and no threats and such ... this should be an intelligent, well-informed, educated, and gentlemanly forum.

Seeing as cars are kind of a side issue in my life, personally I haven't driven any new MB's in awhile. I took someone else's 03 E55 for a short spin last year. They wanted to sell it, and I think it's still for sale to this day.

I think the ML would be worlds better though if it were built more like a G-Class. More utility, a little less sport. As far as 4 wheel drive vehicles go, this is the MB way after all, right?

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