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Best Priced Performance Cars


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OK, heres the deal:

Its getting to be about that time when I will be driving (9 months from now) and in order to find the right car at the right price I am starting the search early. What I'm asking is if you guys would chip in your knowledge of sport/performance vehicles so I can make a well informed purchase. It would be appreciated if all cars were under about 28,000 USD. If you're biased towards a car for no particular reason, don't make a jactitation about one car or another's performance.

PS: I wasn't sure which was the proper forum to post this in, so I placed it in Misc. I didn't put in a poll as I would like everyone to make an informed argument.

Thanks a lot.

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Hi Westside, my personal advice would be, buy used. Even a $28,000 car is pretty extravagent for a young guy like yourself. A nice used car is cheaper all around. Go with Japanese, the 3rd. generation Honda Prelude has always struck me as a great car for a student, or anyone on a budget. It's has a very sporty demeanor, and if well maintained which is not difficult, it's very reliable and very good on gas and the like.

Thats' my suggestion, unless you really have your mind set on something new. I assume you have a fairly large in-cash budget to work with?

My parents are helping out, I'm *kind of* well off, and realise that I really want a performance car.

28 is kind of pushing it, but it all depends on how much of a scholarship my brother will get, which ought to be good (first in class, 4.54 gpa and 1500+ sat).

BTW I have no job yet, I have about 2k liquid and will get a job this summer at about 12 USD per hour.

It doesn't have to be new, but I prefer new as I don't want to get screwed. I was thinking perhaps 1994 RX-7 (manual is there anything else?) or a new Lancer Evolution RS or used GSR. FWD is fine as well, I thought Honda, but they have a bad reputation as being rice, and I would rather not aftermarket turbo it for insurance and reliability reasons. I was thinking about a new/used SRT-4, as they are pretty well priced.

I appreciate all suggestions, thanks Late Night.

Thanks for responding ah64, but if I were to go with a car like that I could go with an Evolution RS, which is faster, lighter, around the same price, and doesn't understeer.

Anyone else want to pitch in?


it's all taste. I have a lot of respect for Evolution RS, it's a great car for the money, but the engine is not flexible, lots of turbo lag and its peaky. It's a good performance car, but it matters what you value in a car. Cars are really taste.

I value everything you guys do, I don't care much for luxury, I love the high RPMs. Pure performance is what I desire, and the best for my dollar.

Thanks for responding polarfox, hope this helps narrow it down.

If 28k is pushing it, then you should leave yourself some room for the unexpected. That, and it's never a good idea to be a broke guy with a nice car.

You shouldn't worry about a certain make's reputation for being rice, like Honda. Rice is all juvenile public opinion, but Honda themselves have a very good reputation. Overall, you should purchase the car you want, regardless of public opinion.

I don't think automatics were available for the RX-7, not in 1994. No one has mentioned this yet, but have you considered an E36 BMW M3 ( 1995-1999 )? Peerless performance reputation, availability is good, being a coupe or sedan it's practical, and the used prices are not bad. A good 1997 with the 3.2 liter in-line six could be had for little more than $20,000 or so.

I wouldn't advise anything as drastic as a Lancer Evolution, you might find yourself in for more than you bargained for. For anyone like yourself who is working with a reletively modest budget, you might want to steer clear of cars in the range. It would cost enough just to keep it. My advise is just don't live above your means, but comfortably below them.

A word about buying new or used. It's just as easy to get screwed buying new as it is used. You just have to watch yourself no matter what.

Good luck! :wink2:

Good post LateNight

I have in fact considered the e36 M3, and that is a very good observation, I never thought about what the upkeep is on an Evolution. RX-7 or M3 might end up being what I go with, I'm still thinking on it, I've got plenty of time and we'll see how things will work out.

By the way, I've heard some bad things about the RX-7s reliability, any of you guys know about them? Also, my parents own a Honda Accord, and it is a very nice, powerful (240hp is quite nice for a sedan of this sort) and luxurious. What I mean to say by rice is, what do you think when you see a young guy driving a prelude? Here in VA people (read police) think, "Oh, he is trying to race. Oh, I better pull him over." On the other hand, the M3 would send an equally bad message, except when they see a young kid (especially a black one like myself) they think, "Hmmm...Might be stolen, I better pull him over."

I see your situation, but any young person in a sporty car is subject to this, just remember, you can't get a ticket just for being behind the wheel of your own car.

Care and maintenance that are different from that of piston engines' might have something to do with reliability problems, some owners just don't know how to maintain the rotary engine's of their RX-7. I have heard myself though, that they are not the best on gas - particularly in turbo form. With turbo engine's also being the most touchy mechanically. The RX-7 is not a problem car though as far as I know, and like with anything, research as well as speaking with other RX-7 owners will give you the best foundation to base your decision.

When I see a young guy in a Prelude, personally, I don't think he is trying to race if all he is doing is rolling down the street. Although if he had a huge wing on the back with the stereo pumping, and revving his engine - naturally, that does send a different message.

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Hallo wEstSide,


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everyone i've known with an RX-7 has said they are high maintanance and hard to get parts for. It goes with being unique. If you want one hell of a sleeper, the new 3.5L SE Nissan Altima runs 0-60 sub 6 secconds with a stick shift, handles reasonably, and is a general good time, and not too conspicuous. A used S2000 could be had for the mid-20s, and is a true performance car, aside from being pretty hot. A camaro SS is a lot of performance, it might be rough around the edges, but dollar for dollar, it is the most horsepower.

Looks like the devil got the best of you. :wink: You, as a brand new driver, are you sure you know what you're getting into? I don't know but you might have trouble getting insured, or it might be really expensive.

Westside, I don't know how much of an experienced driver you are but a GSR Evo will take some acquired knowledge of knowing how to control very fast cars.

IF you get the GSR Evo, I HIGHLY recommend you going to a driving school right after you get one. Take it with you and the instructors will teach you how to correctly handle your car and what to do when situatinos get hairy. ;)

I'm still trying to gain up money in order to goto a driving school.

i have an m3 e46 and i'm sad to see it go but i want a m5 but its to costly on insurance any suggestions? :-?

Uh, I'm not sure what suggestions there would be to give. Drive without insurance? :-?:wink:

Would highly recommend the driving school to Westside if he is really serious about skillfully utilizing a performance car, regardless of what car he actually gets, but then that's more money being spent, but money well spent. Heres a good lead - www.skipbarber.com

Hmmm, heres a thought. I can understand not wanting to pay a lot for insurance, personally, I think the whole insurance business is money for nothing. But if the cost is that big of a concern, why are you driving an E46 M3? That is quite a costly car by most standards.

my insurance costs me £675 a year in the uk for a car like an e46 m3 that is pretty cheap

Damn right that is cheap. My brother pays 900 USD every 6 months, and that is with all the possible discounts. He doesn't even drive a sports car, he drives a TOYOTA CAMRY for Christ's sake. What the fuck is he going to do in that?

You know how the insurance industry works though. They base their criteria upon the most prejudiced and lop sided beliefs possible.

A young black male would probably pay a lot for insurance, especially if he is unmarried, and his Camry happens to be red. God forbid he hasn't a college degree, or his car has a rear spoiler.

Total bullshit.


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