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All Wheel Drive


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the G35 does not have a manual switch for AWD, it's controlled by a computer. The car opperates in total rear-wheel-drive normally, but when you encounter reduced traction, or are, say in a situtation of hard acceleration or cornering, or slick surfaces, the front wheels are automatically engaged, and torque is sent to them based upon sensor data and the computer's calculation for best traction. Once the need is gone, the front wheels are disengaged. This system was invented by the swedish company haldex, who used the idea, except drove the front wheels all the time, the nissan/infiniti system is the first to turn it around and make the rear wheels full-time-drive. Subaru's "symetrical all wheel drive" is a much simpler system, it drives the same amount of torque to the front and the back all the time. The advantage is that this system is simpler, cheaper, and in theory, and you'll never feel it adjust torque, because it never adjusts torque. In terms of snow performance, handling, and pretty much, all situations, the infiniti type variable torque split type all wheel drive is better. It offers the more agile control of rear-drive in dry and stable conditions, and can offer in fact more traction in snow, as, if your front tires lose grip, it can transfer back automatically by computer, and vise versa. The subuaru has a permanent 50:50 torque split, which can't redirect torque. Don't get me wrong, the subaru system works very well, it just isn't as advanced or adaptable as something like on a G35.


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