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The new up-comin' Lambo Lagartijo(Espada successor)


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" The Espada MkII may be spun off the VW group's D4 components set, which could be used by up to five brands: Bentley, for the next Arnage and Azure; Bugatti, for the sub-Veyron; Audi, for the next A8 saloon and Sportback; and perhaps VW for a Phaeton replacement. "

This is good news only for VW bean counters, why are they telling us this like it's a cool thing? :???: And will they actually have the decency to build the " LM00X " on it's own platform, rather than making it a Touareg with a V10?

wow, did they steal those tail-lights right off the cayanne?

That's tragic. It looks cheaper than the cayanne, it looks japanese actually. The side and door handles, as well as wheels looks X5. I'm dissapointed.

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schau doch mal hier zum Thema Zubehör für Lamborghini (Anzeige)? Eventuell gibt es dort etwas Passendes.

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ok, but taking a platform that started at VW and making a lamborghini out of it, much less, making a lamborghini SUV, lamborghini has always been at the limits performance cars. VW's brand management is almost as bad as GM's, except GM is getting better, VW worse.

And the LM002 was a bonafide para-military vehicle for the street, capable of real bushwacking. Autobild's take on it is nothing more than a sedan based SUV. It almost seems inevitable that VW would try to exploit the LM002 heritage to sell another cranked out SUV.

One thing is for certain, VW has no scruples. Expect anything. I always wonder what the established people at Bentley and Lamborghini really think about all of this foolery. Surely in private at least, many think it's dastardly. Because, both England and Italy are very close to their strong automotive heritage.

Well to me both of those models of LM00X look like complete shit. I pray to GOD they will not make it to production looking like that.

And that espada vb_wtf.gif IF that car is made I will officially declare it ONE of the most ugliest cars I've ever seen in my life. It looks like total ass it's not even funny.

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