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Actually, that car resembles a CLK DTM AMG wannabe, rather than a GTR. And the Ford V8 isn't much of a stretch considering that Mercedes is about as " big block Nascar " as any German maker is likely to be, when it comes to high performance. Though it's hardly the worst looking kit replica I've seen.

I'm sure Bubba is just tickled pink to sell his Lightning, and dump $42,000 on this baby. And it ain't mass produced, it's hand made. You hear that ya'll!?

Check this $72,000 Diablo replica out, complete with phoney V12 engine cover. Click on " Turnkeys " - www.rehbergmotorcars.ca

If I were driving one of these kits, I would be so worried that everyone would figure out that it's a fake, and any trained eye could tell right away. It would be courting embarassment of the highest order. Aside from that, I would not find it satisfying at all to drive a knock off.

But I guess, the risk is worth it to some people, even those with a large sum of money to spend.

this is the ideal thing for dorky people who pull the E320 off their car and put E55 AMG on the back. Anyone who knows the first thing about mercedes would take one look and laugh, but hey.

those people love knock off like this


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