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Anybody knows how many hp does a Polo 1.9 TDI have?

Volkswagen declare 101 hp, but a friend of mine measures 111 hp.

Do you know any web sites where I can find the REAL POWER of cars?

Thank you


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Lots of sites post dyno results for cars they've tested, but "real" horsepower is hard to say. It differs by a few hp from car to car, what month it was made, etc. etc., Some cars, volkswagens, BMWs, Mercedes, audis i've known to dyno higher than rated. I also know that for a long time ford cars dynoed low. I think they might have gotten that corrected, but they've gotten in trouble. Mazdas chronically dyno low, they've been sued twice in the past year over it, both for miata and rx-8. There is just a range in which a car makes. Say your freind's makes 111, another one could make 105, another could make 113, so many things effect performance. His could make 98 on a different day with differenct conditions.

And manufacturers often choose a set number to advertise, representing all production, or they round it off.

A thing about Ford, is that one of the reasons their Mustang Cobras' were not producing their claimed power for a time is because of bent exhaust manifolds - from workmen pounding them into place.

Thing is that they take the average number from a few cars and then throw in some other numbers and round it down to a conservative scale.

The BHP is really dependent on the fuel, driving style and if the car has been broken in properly.

European manufacturers are really conservative when it comes to listing numbers. Ussualy a European car can do upto 5% more then what is listed, performance below listed is a worste case and only happens when you're really out of luck.

American manufacturers are known for their average listed numbers, not as conservative as the Europeans but also not al too optimistic.

Japanese on the other hand have a tendency to llist optimal numbers which, in most cases, is almost impossible to reach.

The VW TDi engines are very well known for their configurability. You can just drop in another chip and have the engine do another 80bhp extra. Infact that's the only thing VW does with most of the cars in their line-up. Same engine, different chip, extra cash. Polo, Golf and Pasat all have the same engine but they all have different engine characteristics.

I'm sure if you'd drop in a Golf chip into your friends Polo it would become a rocket. My hat goes of for the VW TDi engines, they are the best in the world! Combined with carbon filters they can out do their gasoline cousins in almost everything.

Funny thing about Japan is, every powerful car has 276 hp. What a scam that is. :D

And in the case of some American muscle cars of the 60's and early 70s', the advertised output was often just a flat out lie to help keep insurance costs down. 410 advertised hp. could be more like 460. as in the case of a Pontiac 455 Super Duty V8, or the famous Hemi, 425 hp. could be like 500.

And as GIR pointed out, whether an engine is properly broken in or not would be a factor.


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