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hondas golden engine: k20a


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the i still marvel at this engine, found in the newer integra type r(dc5). i think it is hondas best engine for boltons. and since these are basoc boltons we are talking about it is still very reliable.


this dyno was done with just intake, exhaust, and an aftermarket intake manifold gasket to slow heat soak. stock header, cat, everything else is stock. this is more than the s2000 at the wheels with the same boltons.

also as you read on towards the bottom of the article, they compare the rsx type s (k20a2) with the itr (k20a). and yes once again, the motor they send over here just doesnt perform the same, mainly due to a .5:1 compression ratio increase.

this motor has done 220 at the wheels in my generation civic(eg) with completely stock internals, intake, header, exhaust, new fuel system, and tuning.

i want this engine in my car.... too bad itll cost over 7k for the motor/tranny, mounts, axles, and such.

im going to see if i can actually find some good dyno charts but from most of the discussions ive been reading this motor is better than the older s2000s (f20c1) in that the base whp is close, but the s2000s motor doesnt respond as well to mods.

another noteworthy difference between the k20a and the f20c1 is that the f20c1 torque curve consists of two lines:

3000rpm-6000rpm is between 110 and 120 wheel torque and slowly increase on the way up. then in vtec it holds steady between 130 and 140 wheel torque until 8000rpm where it gently tapers off to 120 ft/lbs. again.

the k20a, well you can see in the dyno graphs, its a little rougher around the edges, with dips during vtec and a sharp spike from 7-8k rpm.

either way... it would still be fun and produces as much power as my engine properly boosted to 7psi. but it is so important to remember that blown my engine still revs to 7200 but the k20a takes it all the way to 8600. and the s2000 as we all know can get to 9k but the newer s2000 f22c only hits 8k.

bottom line: the k series engines are better that the s2000s plainly due to upgradeability. sorry for the long post

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that's kewl bro but engine power's, of course, not everything. Gotta wry bout suspension mods and an LSD to make sure all that power and more get's to the ground.

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man... just thinking about having this engine in a car that weighs 2400lbs, with a full tank of gas and me in it, gets me kinda nervous. i would love to change my sig to "i <3 my k20a and eg865".

eg865 is the chasis code for a 4door civic that is set up for an automatic transmission without abs. my sig really is about the love/hate relationship since my car is now 5speed(someone asked a long time ago i think.... and i forgot where the thread was)

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Yes it was, eg865 - thats certainly deep Honda lingo for ya. S14 in my E30 makes complete sense to me though. :lol:

I could never get worked up about these engines, if only for the crazy prices that a crate motor will go for. I always come back to thinking, that so much more punch could be had for less with an American V8. I read recently that a factory new Type-R motor goes for something like 10-12k. Maybe not that exact number, but still crazy!

Bleh, you drive a four-door Civic, thats' pretty stodgy. Ever thought of having a coupe, or hatch?

Lets' see what dark red type looks like. Ah, nice. O:-)

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i wanted a hatch to begin with but im happy with the 4 door. in the end it weighs only a few more lbs. than the hatch and less than the coupe, given equal amenities. also the extra doors give lower insurance costs.

you have to remember with honda motors though... why bother getting a crate motor? everyone gets them used, replaces a few sensors, timing belt, pump, etc. and they run fine for a long time. a used k20a engine usually goes for less than 6k. thats motor,transmission, ecu, etc. the problem is the custom bits to put it into a civic, mainly mounts and axles but there are a few other smaller things.

aside from the m3, do you have any other cars late night? also what year is it?

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Speaking of 4-doors, my M3 is actually a 1997 sedan, ( the E30 M3 is on my list of future purchases ). Sharing garage space with the E36 is a 2001 740i Sport, and a 1964 Cadillac Coupe Deville.

I've been looking around for a 1991 Prelude Si for a little while, or a late 80's model. I do have a bit of a thing for those cars. :hug:O:-)

Something I really do like about those Honda engines, ( and some other small Japanese powerplants ) is how efficient and trouble free they are. Just put a little gas in and go. A part of me loves Detroit iron, but I also love simplicity, efficiency and light weight.

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Fuel injection became available on the Prelude in 1985 with the introduction of the Si model. I think '92 might have marked fuel injection for all models. The Prelude was such a showcase for some of Honda's best new stuff, like fiber reinforced cylinder walls on the Si in 1990 adapted from racing. I find the four-wheel steering ( 4WS ) thing quite a concept to make production on a low priced sport coupe. The 2nd. and 3rd. generation Preludes' are my favorite body style, inside and out. :)

I don't think it was a big money maker for Honda in later years, so no more Prelude, high-tech - reletively low cost. But at least we still have the old ones.

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