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2004 Renault Megane


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Oh thank god they finally got rid of that ugly little duck! Oh wait this is the sedan, any word on the other versions? Are they going to look the same? I do hope they get rid of the 3 door and 5 door version because those things are ugly!

C'mon drop the looks like this looks liek that crap. Everything has been done, everybody has innovated everything and eventualy cars will have some resemblance to other cars. Ever heard of the phrase "Simpsons did it"?

The car itself is clearly a Renault, the nose, the rear, the bumpers, everything.

Uuum the hatchback is excatly the same as the current 3 door and 5 door models. Infact the sedan you put up is again exactly the same apart from the sunroof.

What kinda games are you playung here? Those models aren't new.

The hatchback models aren't new. Sorry about making you believe that. But what is new is the sedans, and the sport model with the turbo 2.0 liter 225hp 300nm engine.

Anyway, what I wanted is to know your opinion about this car in general, and the car's design in particular ( I was thinking of buying one...:) )

I think these cars are definitely quirky, but in a good and refreshing way. I've always liked the French interpretation of a car. When cars all look the same, count on the French ( not the Italians ) to be different.

And lets' be honest, this kind of eccentricity does breed some good innovations.

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