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Why is it that in hollywood movies...


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What movie did you see that in?? I didn't know pickup truck driving heros' were a common trait.

My guess is that people like to root for a hero who is down to Earth and humble - an underdog. And they look at the one in the expensive car as the arrogant evil guy. Kind of like in real life.

Then again, do you really think the rich asshole bad guy would drive a pickup truck, and the poor hero would drive a Porsche? Where is the sport in that? It would be too easy. Bad guy gets caught when his pickup stalls out at the rail-road tracks, end of movie. The hero has to have something to fight against, otherwise, he's not a hero.

In the movie Bad Boys, the good guy is the one in the 911. Second question, why do bad guys always wear black? :wink:

I just watched "Walking tall" and that's the umtiest time I've seen this. Somehow writers seem to have the idea that a Porsche is the ultimate rich asshole badguy symbol.

In "A man apart" the bad guy also has a Porsche while the hero has a truck. I can't think of any other examples rightnow but they're out there.

And while we're on the subject. Why is it that the hero always has either a shotgun or a Glock (nothing against Glock, best weapons around) while the badguys have highpowered machineguns. Are these villins so bad that they can't hit 1 shot out of 1500?

I've seen the original " Walking Tall " with Joe Don Baker playing Buford Pusser, a small town sheriff. And The Rock probably plays a similar role in the new one. It's natural he would drive a pickup.

As for why the badguys carry heavy artillery, well it takes a lot of firepower to fight all the goodguys. Plus, machine guns suit their reckless, egomaniacal badguy persona quite well. Don't you think?

In the movie Bad Boys, the good guy is the one in the 911. Second question, why do bad guys always wear black? :wink:

Possibly cuz black is the darkest and most mysterious colour there is in the spectrum. So in order to contemplate bad guy's evilness, dark criminal behavior and mysterious ways of how their criminal mind thinks; they use black becuz it suits the characteristics of wat evil is.


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