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Best looking japanese supercar


Which do you think is the best looking Japanese supercar?  

  1. 1. Which do you think is the best looking Japanese supercar?

    • Mazda RX-7
    • Nissan Silvia
    • Honda NSX Type-R
    • Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
    • Honda S2000
    • Other ...

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Ok here we go what do you guys think is the best looking japanese supercar??? which of these do you guys think is the best looking???

1. RX7

2. Silvia

3. NSX TYpe-R

4. Skyline GTR R34

5. Honda S2000

Mod's can you please make this a poll.

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if its only looks dude it has to be the s15... that thing is so sleek and sexual. i love the lines. if not that then the nsx and rx7 come close 2nd and 3rd. s2000 isnt that attractive and the skyline is very agressive looking but in the same way a trans am is...meaty, not that attractive.

I have to agree with you skyline r34v the skyline r34 is in my opinion one of the best looking japanese supercars, but I think the best looking japanese supercar has got to be the toyota supra. :)

I think what Diavolo meant is that only the Porsche 911 and certain Fezzas' are better looking cars to him than the RX-7, not implying that they were Japanese. The RX-7 is a good looking car.

The NSX is an excellent car, not just for it's performance, but because it manages to provide the kind of visual impact that one ussually finds in cars costing twice as much, and it doesn't resort to goofy details to do it - the styling is very clean. NSX is a land based aircraft, and it's basic shape still looks fresh more than ten years from when it came out.

And yeah, what the hay is a Fezza?? Is that slang for Ferrari?

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Sorry, Ferraris are sometimes referred to as Fezzas. Just as Porsches are sometimes referred to as Porkers.

...And I realize that those are not Japanese cars, but I was implying that the RX-7 is one of the best looking cars in the WORLD!! IMHO, only the 911 and some Ferraris look better.

As far as the NSX, it is a beautiful car, but I see some Ferrari (348, 355) influences on its design as opposed to the RX-7's completely unique styling.

The Supra is another beautiful car (ok, I can't fault its design), but I simply prefer the Mazda.

For me the Skyline/WRX/EVO are too brutish, implying too much muscle and no finesse.

As far as the NSX, it is a beautiful car, but I see some Ferrari (348, 355) influences on its design as opposed to the RX-7's completely unique styling.

The NSX is indeed Ferrari influenced, which is not a bad thing, but there tends to be a general similarity among some sports cars. Overall though, I think the NSX maintains it's own look pretty well, and the NSX design precedes the 355, so no influnece there.

I agree with AWD, the Prelude has always been a great looking car, particulary the 2nd. 3rd. and last generation cars. I've always loved the cockpit interior of the earlier cars, especially the highly bolstered seats. It's not " exotic " but count one vote for the Prelude! :)

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I don't get the attraction of the skyline. Why, cause it's rare to north americans? It's not a very attractive car if you ask me. The NSX is a beautifully well done car and shows a fusion of japanese style and traditonal european racing heritage inspiration. The S2000 is an attractive car too.

The Skyline is rare to Americans, and people like it because it's appearance is hard core. But certainly not beautiful, if not for it's reputation, it could be any sporty Asian car really.

Out of the box it isn't really even that fast. Slower than an M3 - or the NSX, roughly in line with a 350Z or S2000, if a little faster. There is potential to tune it sure, but that is true of lots of cars they don't sell here.

In the states, the Skyline has adopted an otherworldly reputation as the ultimate Japanese muscle machine to have ( or wish you had ). Because it's not readily available here, it's mistique grows, and people form wild ideas about what it's capable of when you tune it to the moon.

Like the way some men idolize the latest supermodel, and fail to recognize that she is a flesh and blood woman like any other. Just the same, a Skyline is a fairly fast car. It's like a forbidden fruit.

For 100k, I could have a skyline - after importation, transportation, clearing customs, meeting emissions, all the neccesary modifications for US use, I'd have to sit on the wrong side of the car (try going through the drive-through with the driver on the right), and when things break, you have to wait for them to be shipped in from japan. Yes, it is rare, that's true, but for 30k, I could have a GTO that is as fast, handles as tight, has more interior room, a nicer interior, parts that grow on trees, and a driver seat where it belongs, and though it won't draw as many looks as a skyline, half the people who look at it won't be repulsed by the overdone rice-burning styling.

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Technically speaking, the Skyline is not a bad buy - if you live in Japan. It's a well developed car, thats' why it's such a popular tuner base. It's when importing it to another country, like the U.S. that the question is no longer whether the car is worth the money, but rather how big of a thing do you have for the Skyline.

I wouldn't narrow it down to that exactly. The Skyline has traditionally always been a showcase for Nissan technology. It's a car one would buy for the refinement of it's parts, and it's moves - not it's ammenities. There is nothing particularly luxurious about it's finish.

I would say that the equivelent of $90,000 U.S. for a GT-R is a bit inflated, but the car's potential is great, and of course the demand is there.


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