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RUF vs Gemballa


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Which tunes better porsches. This isn't just performence. This is looks too. I like RUF for looks, but Gemballa has the performance. For performance they're close to the same. Depends on the the model. So, RUF or Gemballa.

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I think the ruf and the gemballa both look the same, gemballa_evo_600.jpg

you can hardly tell the difference, but I think the gemballa is the better tuner.

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Despite being aware that this thread is dead i feel need to say that Gemballa is one of the crappiest and tuning company from what i've heard...Their cars have neither performance nor reliability...if you want to go out on a limb go for a gemballa

For instance :

the way it began:

the end :

Faulty fuel line (which Gemballa toyed with) is an unpleasant thing....

An accident might happen...but Gemballa is also said to be very crooked.

Read the owner's report

All I can say is beware when ordering a car from Gemballa. Specially if he talks you into extracting 650, 750, 800+ hp from your engines.

In 2001 I ordered a completely modified 996 turbo from Gemballa (GTR650) for $300k. The car was 7 months late and when I received it it was not performing well at all.

When talking to Gemballa he promised to send me a mechanic which he dispatched to Riyadh after 3 months. The guy was out sourced by Gemballa and he basically told me how crooked Gemballa was with his customers and suppliers alike. It was too late for me then to go back on my deal.

The frustrating part was when I could not get a hold of Gemballa after the accident and I was forced to have my insurance company help me deal with him which cost me a lot in terms of money and time.

I thank god for not being hurt in that accident as I was driving the car on the highway. A faulty fuel line was suspected to be the cause of the accident (which Gemballa tampered with).

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