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New Benz Models Coming


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Apparently, whenever automakers are going to make new models, either now or in the near future, they have to make sure to register the official names of the models, regardless of whether they will be regular production or special order cars.

I'm sure many of you already know about this site, but just in case some don't , I'll post the link. According to the info, Benz has already designated model names for upcoming models ..... very exciting ...

some examples are : CLS 55, CLS 63 AMG, CLS 65 AMG, C 63 AMG, C 65 AMG, E 65 AMG, G 65 AMG, ML 65 AMG, SLK 65 AMG, CLK 65 AMG, R 65 AMG :o (I guess this will be bad-ass version of the new upcoming GST class ... with 65's twin-turbo V-12), R 68 (wonder what this will be?), GL-Class, GL 400, GL 63, GL 320, GL 350, GL 550, GL 55 (I guess the GL's will be a very long-wheelbase version of the all-new upcoming G Class??), etc.. So I guess we know now Benz has big plans for the 65 engines to say the least :o

Now, BMW has registered some very interesting model designations also, such as a 425, 430, 435, 560i, 650Ci, & 660Ci model designations. I'm assuming the 650Ci will be what I asked about a few days ago on the bimmer forums, which is to say regarding what I heard about bimmer upgrading their 745 engines to atleast 4.8 liters for 2005 or '06 models, which I guess then they could rename the 750Li, and then offer the same engine for the 5 & 6 series cars, thereby labeling them the 550i and 650Ci. And as for a 560i and 660Ci, maybe these will be made to compete with the MB CLS 63 and CL 600, respectively.

This all sounds pretty interesting at least .... :D:) 8) :P

Here's the link:


P.S. --- The mere thought of the possibility of an SLK 65 AMG model is scary .... :o

That would be one mean little mofo :evil::evil: 8)

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yea seriously how many models does one company need, we understand that u'r doing really well and u like to show that off but i think they're wasting resources by making all these new models because i don't think there's gonna be a market for all these cars they're planning.

It goes to show that it's really not a great effort for them to build " world-class " cars, they just want you to think it's something special to justify the price. The truth is, nothing no matter how nice, short of a Bentley costs much to produce anymore. To be able to have that many models cramming the market ( and they can't all be great sellers ), and still remain profitable is evidence that someone is making too much straight profit.


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