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BMW M3 CSL or Porsche 911 GT3


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This is absolutely no contest. The Porsche 911 GT3.

Faster, more powerful, better handling and lighter and all around better car.

Except if you look at eastern creek raceway lap times where the csl beat the gt3 by 1.8sec!!!

csl 1:48.00sec

gt3 1:49.84sec

m3 1:55.41

The gt3 is not a better allround car but it is faster in a sraight line.

The CSL did have tyres that were as close to full slicks as legally possible, and thats where the time difference comes from :wink:

Although, those Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires come standard, so that 1:48.00 second CSL still counts as stock.

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The GT3 and CSL are amazing cars. I would have said without seeing numbers that the GT3 would have been faster, but the CSL is an amazing car, showing what a little suspension work and weight loss can really do for an M3. I wish like nothing else that the CSL was sold in north america.


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