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Mustang GT-R?


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Looks like it'd be a gr8 performer. Hate mustang's but give credit where its due.

It doesn't look that shabby either but think it'd look good in a mahogany or jet black colour.

It looks from the diet it weighs around 3,000-3,1000 lbs which coupled with 440hp could create 1/4 mile times mid 12's and 0-60mph's low 4's.

When u tune up the "cammer" V8 to 500 that might be on par with Porsche GT3 performance.

I don't know if my calcuations are correct but i'm pretty sure they are also dependin on how well the suspension holds out.


Mahogany? Interesting. This may give us an idea of what the next Cobra could be like in certain acpects. The power is definitely there, but I'm curious to know how well honed the handling is.

I'm not really digging the reversed air outlet behind the front wheel, looks copycat and too Asian, like the Viper. And the " Shelby " style rear end is a big fat mess. Ah, such are design trends.


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