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Bad M3


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Saw this on another forum thought you guys would like it!


The supra suposedly has 800hp but the M3 is 458whp so like 550 to 650hp.

the M3 is a dang fast car.

the bimmers mods are -


Active Autowerkes Stage 3 Turbo Kit

AA Custom 3.2 M Motor Built

Stage 3 1400 CFM Intercooler

Stage 3 Hybrid Turbo: 60-1 compressor end mated to a clipped TD06 exhaust end

Pauter rods chromoly rods

JE Pistons 8.3:1 motor

AA Turbo Spec Cams

Knife edged crank

Hi performance valve springs

Dual electric 10” fans

Heat Wrapped exhaust manifold and piping

HKS Racing Bypass Valve

HKS Super Sequential blow off valve

Greddy Boost Controller

Greddy Turbo Timer

AA Water/Alcohol Injection System

Zionsville Aluminum radiator

SPA Technique Oil cooler with braided lines supplied by CDOC

Euro E36 oil filter housing with outlets for oil cooler

MSD D164 ignition system

AA Custom 3 inch exhaust

AA Custom 3.5" Low Level Air Intake

Custom tuned at Active Autowerke in Miami

Last dynoed in October 2003 at Altered in Gaithersburg and it made 458 hp to the wheels at 17psi. At 11 psi it made 385 to the wheels.


Active Autowerke aluminum lightweight flywheel

Active Autowerke 4 Puck Racing Clutch

Evo M3 6 speed Transmission supplied by GMG Racing

2.93 Differential with 60% lockup by www.diffsonline.com

AA Shift Knob

AA Short shift kit

Rogue Engineering Finned differential cover


KW Coilovers Variant 3’s:

Independently adjustable rebound and compression damping

Inox-line stainless steel technology

Individual height adjustment

Infinitely adjustable rebound damping

14- level adjustable compression damping

BMW X-Brace

Active Autowerke Rear Toe Bushings

Active Autowerke Rear Camber Correction Arms

RD Sport strut brace

UUC adjustable Sway bars supplied by M3 Motorwerks

Ground Control Camber plates supplied by M3 Motorwerks

Ground control rear shock mounts supplied by M3 Motorwerks


BMW Clear Lenses

ZKW European Ellipsoids with Lava Lighting Angel Eyes supplied by Ko Performance

6,000 K Low beam xenons supplied by Ko

8,500 K foglight xenons from xvision supplied by Import expression


Kinesis K58 18X8.5 front

Kinesis K58 18X9 rear

Falken 451 235/45/18 front

Falken 451 255/35/18 rear

Rogue Engineering Stud kit


Vented carbon fiber hood by www.mashaw.com On it's way. Will be here last week of February.

Rieger Carbon Fiber front splitter supplied by MMS Tuning

BMW LTW M3/GT Rear Wing

Removeable Height Extensions in carbon fiber by www.mashaw.com

Painted Moldings, door handles, washer nozzles

Full paint Ferrari Code #102

Full front end 3M paint protection film installed by http://www.pftfilms.com


Stoptech 14 inch front with Hawk blue racing pads

Stoptech 13 inch rear with Hawk blue racing pads


Stack ST8110SR Boost Street Dash it has:


Boost Pressure in PSI


Odometer & Tripmeter

Oil & Fuel Pressure readout

Water & Oil Temperature readout

Volt Meter

Fuel Level

Infrared Lap Timing

Predictive Lap Timing

EFI Systems UEGO1000 Wideband O2 Sensor

Sparco Suede steering model 323 supplied by CDOC

Sparco quick release hub supplied by CDOC

Sparco horn kit supplied by CDOC

AA E-brake handle

DAS Sport full welded in cage by CDOC

Nerf padding supplied by CDOC

Fully gutted

Teamtech 5 point harness with camlock supplied by CDOC

Cobra Evolution Technology GT Seats full carbon fiber drivers seat supplied by CDOC

Cobra competition side mounts supplied by CDOC

Cobra sportline for passenger supplied by CDOC

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Oh yeah that car was featured on the Car & Driver frontpage. What was his name again...

Anywayz that car is truely amazing because the driver competed in the Gumball 3000 2002 and he made it through all the way. Looking at the line of cars in that video I guess the video was shot at the Gumball 3000.

There was a footage somewhere of it competing against a few Skylines and guess what happend :) It ate the Skylines raw and crapped out the dreamteam.

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Mongrel, how do you figure that the M3 loses 100-150 hp. between the crank and the wheels?

I'd like to know just how much drug money was dumped into that car to make it what it is. :wink:

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Mongrel, how do you figure that the M3 loses 100-150 hp. between the crank and the wheels?

i don't know, i just copyed and pasted from another forum. :wink:

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His name is DADO and he's the owner of DTMpower.net.

That M3 is an extremely awesome M3 and yes he competed in the Gumball 3000.

Made it all the way thru until the very end when sum stupid bastards stole his car.

LNC there was no drug money watsoever made to put in that car he jus has money.

That must've been shot well before 3 years ago becuz he didn't even have his carbon fiber wing like he did during most of all the videos and Gumball 3000.

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:o That thing is great, skylines are all talk.

LMFAO plz gimmie a break that was an ignorant statement, where's ur debate?

Don't bash without having shit 2 back up ur claims, ty.

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I will say what ever the hell I want, got that. Skylines

are *onions*, I have seen videos of cars half the price

of a skyline beating them.

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Come on guys, we're talking about two cars that are capable of whipping 99.9% of the cars on the street. No need to yell. :lol:

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:lol: Dude don't get ur panties in a twist, i asked u to make a debate about it not get ants in ur pants.

U still have no discussion's 4 ur supposed "debate" and ur jus actin like a lil child.

Instead of trying to come off having a debate y don't u say ur jus stating ur opinion.

Then it'll be gladly noted and thrown in the trash and we'll move on.

No need in twistin ur panties up ur crotch and saying things that children say.

Yes there are cars half its price that could beat but not that many in every aspect.

I'm willing to do a debate on this on a new topic thread but if ur jus going to act like a child and say "i'll say w/e i want asshole and nothing u can do bout it" then i'm not even going to bother.

This is a civil place to talk bout cars not act like children and tell me suffin and i hafta "GOT THAT!".

Make ur statement more appealing to be an opinion if that's the route u were tryin 2 take.

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