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What is a sportscar?


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I was wondering if somebody knows what a sportscar is, or at least has the definition of a sportscar, cause we're arguing about what a sportscar really is on a forum here in Norway.

One guy says that a sportscar is a car with 2 doors, 2 seats and low weight. I'd say its wrong, cause the BMW M5 is considered a sportscar and it has 4 doors and 5 seats.

Is a car a sportscar if it has good handling?

Or a lot of power and torque?

Or just beacuse it's small and light?

I need some help here. Please refer to articles written about this subject.

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According to Webster's Third New World Dictionary, a sports car is classified as this : A low-slung open or convertible automobile designed for high-speed transportation on regular roads and having rapid acceleration, more or less smooth horizontal lines, and usually seats for two people.

This is the classic interpretation of what a sportscar is, and any such car could rightly be considered a sportscar. We live in an age where we have super high-performance four doors and this blurs the context somewhat.

You could easily call a BMW M5 a " sportscar " and it would be somewhat accurate, because that car is certainly sports minded - but it's still a four-door sedan. It, and other cars like it do not really fit the classic definition of a sportscar, thats' why the term " sportsedan " was invented.

I think the two traits that a car must have to be a " sportscar " are two main doors, and one row of main seating, set abreast. Like a Corvette,

Ferrari 360, or in the case of the McLaren F1 three abreast seating. Sportscars are by nature reletively sparse, so a sporty car that was heavier with two doors and back seats could qualify as a GT car. I think even the M5 would qualify as a GT car before being a sportscar.

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