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Best Classic European Sportscar


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This is an area that isn't talked about much here, but should be, because the time period from the 50's to the late 60's has shaped much of everything that we talk about regularly today. Personally, I think my favorite classic Euro sportscar would have to be the Ferrari 250 GT(coupe or Spyder but not GTO, although thats high on my list). Think that this car is one of the most beautiful cars ever crafted.


I beleive that this car has the sweetest curves of any other car ever. I would imagine it looks and sounds great in person. What car would you guys choose as your favorite? Would it be the Aston-Martin DB5? or the Mercedes 300SL Gullwind or SLR? or the Jaguar D-type?

or any other.

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I agree Kleine, thats' why I've always encouraged the showing of older cars in the Power and Beauty Gallery. When I was born, we rode home from the hospital in my dad's blue MGB - first car ride! These days represent a technological high, but stylistically they are pretty dry. Modern designers could learn a great deal from the graceful and fluid designs of the past. Some of the details are exquisite.

* I've always liked the Sunbeam Alpine/Tiger style. How cool is that?



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