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1994 Mitsu 3000GT VR4


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it's also transverse engine arangement, which makes implementation of AWD more difficult, it also had stuff like that wierd switching exhaust, and just was poorly optimized for weight. Also it has an iron engine block, something that just doesn't make sense in a sports car.

Although the iron block is one of the reasons the engine in the 3000 is so tough and modifiable. I don't think Mitsubishi was too afraid of weight when they made that car either. 4WD will do wonders is what they thought.

The thought was high tech. The iron engine block was because that just happened to be what the engine they had around was. Weight was an issue, sure, but it wasn't a priority for them to fix. The car worked and was fast heavy, and that wasn't an era when anyone was making small, compact, and lightweight cars.

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It was iron, and just what they had around, but it proved to be strong. And, as a GT car, it's kind of expected to be on the heavy side. I never thought of the 3000 as a " sports car ", it was a bit more luxurious than that.


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