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laser jammers


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what do you guys think about laser jammers? im thinking about getting one from lidatek. they have done extensive testing and all signs point to the fact that it works. it throws an error code in the laser for 5 seconds, giving you time to slow down. any opinions? i believe the homepage is www.lidatek.com

escort makes one as well but cost MUCH more. any input is appreciated.

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Okay I've been out of the loop for a while now but here's what I know. When it comes to laserjammers it doesn't matter much which laserjammer you have, all of them function on the same principal and all of them have the same efficiency.

The difference between them is the extra service and extra functionality that comes with it.

The Lidatek jammer is a good one because like you said when it detects a laser signal it jams it for 5 secs notifying you and then stops jamming. The police officer thinks he/she is having interference from a external source and by the time he/she gets a reading you have already slowed down to the correct speed.

Mind you that in most Countries jammers are Illegal. Over here they have been found legal because our law sais "Obstructing justice after ascertion of the fact". This means that as long as nobody finds out, you're not obligated to do anything in favor of justice. But once somebody finds out then you have to cooperate. In speedtickets this means that as long as the police does not have a clear reading on you, then you're allowed to block their signal because you are not "obstructing justice".

The justice process can only begin after the police has a clear goal on what they want to accomplish. In this case they find that you are over the speedlimit, so in the name of "justice" they give you a ticket. But as long as they do not know what your speed actually is, they do not have a goal and so they can not serve justice and hence you are not obstructing.

In some states in the US and other countries it's concidered as "Obstructing justice". Meanwhile in other countries there is no clear regulation of these devices. You'd better first inform with your local authorities.

Oh and always remember. Mount the jammer upright and not flat, the best position would be in the center of your grill, or if you have 2 jammers on either sides of the grill in between your licenceplate and headlights.

Also keep in mind that in the US the police is only allowed to scan you from the front after they have seen the person behind the wheel. So in the US having a jammer in the rear doesn't make sense.

I was thinkin bout one of those cuz i don't jus cruise i always nail it alot upto 2,500 below redline in every gear everytime i drive.

I've been saying i'm gonna get one for awhile but doesn't look like it. :o


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