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M3 vs 911 Turbo


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This is a weird comparison. The 911 Turbo is turbocharged, and costs well over twice as much as the M3. With enough money, you could always find something you would rather have.

To be fair, this comparison should probably be between the M3 and the 911 Carrera which are in the same league. Or perhaps the M3 CSL and 911 GT3.

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Yeah, this is kinda retarded comparison.

The 911 turbo reams the M3 in every category except luxory so not much of a decision.

I'd still take the M3 though but only if it was an E36 that way i can pay $20,000 for it and get the stage III supercharger and then it'd be a fair comparison.

The E36 would still be cheaper even though dumpin all that money to get that 511hp.

But from this comparison 911 turbo would easily win in every category except luxory.

So not much of a good comparison.

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