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Z3, Z4


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Hallo 8-ball,


kennst du schon Z3, Z4 (Anzeige)? Dort ist vieles zu finden.


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i might be speaking for myself but i never liked them. the Z3 was cool at first but then i saw way to many of them. the Z4 is just hideous IMO. what is the deal with that HUGE side blinker behind the bmw logo? ill tell you what i did like though.... the "shoe". i LOVE the M coupe.

Yeah, that little " gym shoe " is cool. The base Z3 1.8 does not get a lot of mention I suppose because it was not really enthusiast oriented, but rather tuned for the entry level market. The Z3 itself though was a sound little car.

The Z4 may be a good car too, but it says Bangle all over, and with that, it carries a certain stigma which we all know. I'm not a fan of it, I think the Z4 has a kind of appealing heft from a front 1/4 angle, but the car has never turned my crank. I would much sooner have an M Coupe.

The Z4 has become a really popular car here in Norway. It is every where.... If you haven't seen it, then you must be blind. The Z3 is also very popular, at least among females.

the z3 is popular here among females as well. also with the .... how do i say this.... not straight males.. i have seen one Z4 with a male driver, and he thought it was the coolest thing on the road. i just wanted to break that dumb side blinker.


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