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Golf V R32


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i don't have a reliable source but i think they won't make a new version of this car, ok it's fast but it doesn't sell all that much.

I don't believe the guy from America that he has already seen a new version of this guy, the premiere of a VW is mostly in Germany!

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:D Yes, The Golf R 32 will continue in the fifth generation. But, check this link : http://www.3harts.nl/golfV/ As you can see, there is very cool prototype of Golf V CC! I really wish that It'll make into production.. and even more I wish that it'll be R32 CC! That thing just looks so sweet.. pushing 250bhp into all four wheels via 6 speed box.. Look out, Audi, Peugeot and other CC makers! This golf will make you bite the dust! 8)


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