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American vs European - comfort & space ...


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What to do you think ? In long distance transport who are doing the more SPACIOUS & COMFORTABLE vans&buses&limos the AMERICANS or the EUROPEANS ? (i'm not talking mileage or ergonomics only SPACE and COMFORT !!!!)

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umm normally i say that american cars are the roomiest . however if money is no object, any of the big 3 german auto makers can satisfy your needs much more than the domestics. audi, bmw, MB... they all have amazing huge saloons. i say european cars beat domestic in just about every market category.

I dunno u can have a 1996 Chevy Impala SS and slap a 427 hemi with a big ass blower.

That would be the fastest sedan i can think of and cheapest.

It's also a helluva lot more spacious than the M5 and the S600.

But i'm in noway saying i'd do this over an M5 lmao NEVER!

Yes if money were no object, you could do a lot of things. But what if it were, as it ussually is? Aside from the Crown Victoria / Grand Marquis, America hasn't made a decent large car since 96'. The B-body GM cars were the best large American cars available. Like Skyline said, you could easily have an 96' Impala SS, but unlike him, I would consider it over an M5, since I don't mind having a good time and saving about 40-50 grand while I'm at it. That car, and it's brethren, the Cadillac Fleetwood, and Buick Roadmaster make the S-Class look small.

I will say America makes the roomiest and most comfortable cars, because European standards for " large " have always been different, and they are generally more tightly sprung. A large European limo can be made just as comfortable and roomy as an American one, but not without a whole lot more cash.


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