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17 ways women fail in bed.....


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Ball bag drippage? A block of Hubba Bubba, blowing bubbles?? :D:o

Some truth in there somewhere, but mostly stuff written by man scum. :wink: Who says men don't want to cuddle?

And the #1 way men fail in bed? They disconnect emotionally, if they were ever connected at all. What a blatent mistake :roll: .

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as much as i hate to aknowledge it, in love, like most bits of humanity, there are no universal truths. Men can be feeling (though why aknowledge it?), women can be shallow and lusty, even if that isn't the stereotype or even normal at all.

a more interesting phenomenon is this. Some women are hugely turned off by very aggressive driving, while others are very much excited by it, how does that work?

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Well, I see it like this. On the whole, if a woman has a preference about it at all, I think they like it. Not so much the " aggressive " element, but rather a man's ability to take control, and remain cool under pressure. They see a man's driving style as an example of how he faces a lot of challenges - in this case, head on. Because lets' face it, women generally like a man who can stand up to protect.

Women who are turned off by just plain aggressive driving, well I can understand that. It shows them the guy is a hot head, or a control freak. That doesn't really sit with females too well. :lol:

Some of it is the man, and some of it is how he is interpreted.

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