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Car not driven for 10 days


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I don't think that's rather wise for a new car. How many miles do you have on the counter?

Anywayz if you really have to leave your beauty behind for a few days get somebody to start the car for you every 2 days or so. By somebody I mean somebody you trust and who knows a thing or two about cars.

What you should do:

* When you get back try to start the car DO NOT FORCE IT!

* If it doesn't start the first time just let go of the ignition, wait a few secs and try again. AGAIN DO NOT FORCE IT!

* Repeat this untill it starts

Most people try to force the engine by holding the ignition, which is bad for the engine, startermotor and the battery (actually it's a accu but I'll say battery because most people are used to it). Never ever hold the ignition longer then you're supposed to, just a little flick and if it doesn't start let go.

* When the car starts let it run stationary for a while untill it's upto normal running temprature. This would mean that the needle is in the middle of the gauge.

* Pump the break paddle a few times to make sure the fluids are circulated. I'm sure you've noticed that immediatly after you take the car out your breaks will feel a little stiff, this is no biggy as long as you go gentle on the breaks the first few times.

Make sure you have high quality oil in your car. Trust me on this one, just spend the little extra on the expensive oil, you won't regret it. Maybe Polarfox can advise you on which oil brand is the best in your region.

If you want to protect your tires aswell maybe you should get 4 cricks (or however you guyz call them) to lift your car of the ground. Take the wheels off and put them on a special rack so they won't touch the ground. Although this would only apply to extended periods of time (3 months or so) it can also help if you leave your car unattended on a regular basis.

And please oh please be gentle when you're starting her up again.

Thanks for your quick response.

The reason that I did not drive the car for the past few days because there was a snow storm (35-40 cm) here last week and the roads have not been cleared yet. My car with stock 16-inch all season tires does not drive well in snow at all.

I did exactly what you suggested. After 7 days stationary in my garage, I started the car and it was surprisingly easy. I then drove the car back and forth a few times (a few feet), pumped the brake paddle a few times and let it warmed up for 10 minutes.

Too bad, I may not drive my car for another few days because 10 cm of snow just came down today. I will probably repeat the whole thing after 4-5 days.

I'm in a similar situation with my 2004 BMW M3. I've started the engine a couple of times a week because the roads are still a mess here. I did drive it about 200 miles 2 weeks ago. Is it ok to just start the engine a couple of times or does the car have to be driven at least once a week ???

Well if you want the complete package you would take it out for a little gentle spin but it's not a requirement. Just start the engine to make sure oil is circulated, all the fluids are circulated and there is no chance for corrosion and stuff.

That is the purpose of it all, too make sure the internals of your engine isn't exposed to harsh weather conditions for extended periods of time and nothing rusts together.

Just tsart her up, get her upto normal running temprature, let her run stationary for a while and let her rest again.

a car will be fine for 10 days. it stays idle for much longer at a dealership. corrosion only occurs after 6+ months of sitting, and even then its not bad. my friends car was idle for a year, we put in a new battery and it started right up.


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