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Precautionary checks on belt buckles C, CLK and E class


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Stuttgart, Jan 09, 2004

Mercedes-Benz is carrying out precautionary checks on the operation of the belt buckles on all C-Class, CLK-Class and E-Class models manufactured between August and the beginning of October last year. Vehicle owners will be notified shortly via the Mercedes-Benz service organisations. Checks on the belt buckles will be free of charge for Mercedes customers.

As part of the regular quality checks carried out in the plant, certain isolated cases were found where the seat belt failed to click into place correctly. For this reason, Mercedes-Benz has decided as a precaution to check all vehicles manufactured during the period in question. To date Mercedes-Benz has not received any specific complaints from customers.

These precautionary checks apply to around 33,000 C-Class, CLK-Class and E-Class vehicles in total worldwide, produced between August and October 2003. Of these, around 12,000 are registered in Germany. The Mercedes-Benz service organisations will inform customers directly and ask them to bring their vehicle into the workshop to be checked free of charge and, where necessary, have the belt buckles replaced.

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