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Ferrari Novitec Modena Biturbo...cute:)


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GT40 who? :)

man i LOVE this next pic... i could look at it for hours....




Without a doubt, the epicenter of European tuning can be found Germany. In no other country can you find companies such as Hamann and Novitec who have no qualms about modifying the outrageous super cars from Maranello.

Novitec have been upgrading Alfa Romeos, Fiats and Lancias for some time, but recently have offered an accessory range for the 360 Modena and Spider. Under the Novitec Rosso name, the company has launched an extensive program for the 360 not limited just to aesthetics, but also including a bi-turbo option which greatly improves peak power.

A Bi-Turbo 360

Novitec modifies the 360 engine to two specific states of tune. What Novitec calls the Sport engine is the more drivable option having 555 horsepower, turbocharged V8. For 5000 more euros, the system can be specifically tuned to reveal 606 horsepower at 8600 rpm, that is 211 more horsepower than the factory specification.

To achieve this power, the 360 Supersport starts off with a new carbon fiber intake plenium which works with a modified induction tract. With the addition of twin turbos, the forced induction is the main source of the extra horsepower. Further modifications include new injectors, new water coolers, twin intercoolers and updated engine mototronics.

Also available with the engine upgrade is a stainless steel exhaust system which bypasses the flap used to meet noise level regulations. The usual Modena uses a regulatory flap to control emissions and noise during city driving

A Bi-Turbo 360

Like the engine, the suspension upgrades are offered in Sport and Supersport packages. The Supersport package includes three-way adjustable shock absorbers. As for braking, Novitec are proud to offer a composite ceramic disc which Ferrari have only offered on the Enzo. Available with rosso, black or silver calipers the system requires nineteen inch wheels to clear the 15 inch (380mm) discs.


Novitec offer many pieces which include carbon fiber replacements for the original aluminum pieces. Such panels include front, rear and side skirts, bumpers, wings and a complete underbody in carbon fiber.


Year: 2000

Origin: Modena, Italy

Make: Novitec

Base Price: $140 000 USD

Model: F360 Supersport

Engine & Transmission

Position: Mid-Longitudinal

Configuration: Bi-Turbo

Valvetrain: DOHC, 5 Valves per Cyl

Displacement: 3586 cc / 218.8 cu in

Power: 451.9 kw / 606 bhp @ 8600 rpm

Torque: 615 nm / 453.6 ft lbs @ 6250 rpm

Redline: 8500 rpm


Top Speed: 304.2 kph / 189.0 mph

0 - 60 mph: 3.7 seconds

0 - ¼ mile: Not Available

0 - 100 mph: Not Available

Lateral Acceleration: Not Available

EPA City/Hwy: 16 mpg

this was taken from supercars.net

i am impressed...

this just screams to me... fi is the final step in tuning.

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  • 3 Wochen später...

Most cars do have much more than they need. Nobody needs a V12 to get to the grocery store. I think the Enzo's 11.2 compression ratio might discourage FI though.

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OK this is makin me pretty damn interested. Is that $140,000 for the car AND the upgrades????

If so y buy a 2002-2003 Ferrari 360 Modena when u can buy a 2000 with this upgrade for $5k less???

I would seriously sell my Skyline and my drag GTO VR-4 to purchase this as a weekender or whenever i wanna have fun.

Also, wat r the differences between the Ferrari 360 Modena and Modena F1 edition???

I see a hefty $10,000 increase but 4 wat i see on msn and other sites its for nothing.

So thats y i was asking if nebody knows the difference between them?

I was thinkin along the lines of the suspension being F1 spec and nothing else changed????? :o :x

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f1 edition is a lot lighter, paddle shift, suspension difference, brakes are better. but remeber they are better, while the stock is already better than 90% of the world.

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Ok ty dj.

Stupid msn had F1 same weight and gave same descriptions almost of every part.

I'm gonna look more thoroughly into it be4 makin a rash decision.

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