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NSX, an exotic or rice


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Do you think the Acura NSX is an exotic or rice? And Please don't call it the Honda NSX. That drives me ****ing mad. Sure Honda owns Acura. But we don't call the Murcielago the Audi Murcielago, or the XKR the Ford XKR (that doesn't sound right).

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nsx isnt rice. rice is anything tacky added to a car to make it LOOK like it does something it cant do. i.e. big wings, gay tail lights, vynil.... etc. nsx is an amazing car, honda should make more cars like this one.

to get a straight answer you must first define rice. djfux's definition is the one i hold to and in that case the nsx is not rice.

acura is to honda as lamborghini is to audi? i understand the analogy but there is a slight detail that makes calling the nsx a honda legitimate. acura does not exist in japan, while lamborghini and audi are recognized separately everywhere. that said, i love the honda integra and the honda nsx(for which the new model is also known as the hsc, the acronym for HONDA sports concept) :P

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VW is German, so is little brother Audi.

Honda is Japanese, so is little brother Acura, regardless of where Acura is marketed. Therefore, Acura is to Honda, what Audi is to VW. Thats' what I meant.

Whats' this conversation about anyway?

correct. its not the same thing as VW and audi. everywhere in the world there is VW and audi. different cars different names.

here in america we have honda and acura, but everywhere else ( aside from canda ) only has honda. here is an example. here its called acura RSX, in the rest of the world its a honda integra... get it? acura is just a name to sell the mor luxurious hondas without making someone think they are buying a honda. just like lexus is to toyota, and infiniti is to nissan. they are all just names for the north american market, the names dont exist anywhere else. but the models of the cars do, just under the normal name.

Lexus exist in the rest of the world, except for Japan, where it's named Toyata. And that's gonna change soon.

Acura TSX is Honda Accord in Europe, but we don't have Acura CL or

Acura TL. The Acura RSX is Honda Inegra, and Acura RL is Honda Legend.

And for Infinti, I don't think we have it here in Europe

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Well..yes here in Europe there is no Acura, no Infiniti but we have Lexus.Enough about that.I consider the NSX an exotic because it has mid-engine solution, a high price and was done using Ayrton's Senna(may his soul rest in peace) experience.There is also a rare Zanardi Edition sort of Makinnen's Ralliart Evo so it is in my opinion an exotic and the best piece of race machinery ever to be made by Japs and their beady hungry eyes. :lol:

Well, Honda has produced nearly 7,000 NSXs' just for North America alone, and thats' only counting until 1997. So although NSX production figures are no doubt still a drop in the pan as far as car production goes, it's not incredibly rare. Not like a Lamborghini Diablo anyway, of which less than 3,000 were built in all. I think a bit of rarity is important for a car to be exotic.

The NSX is one of the finest all around sportscars, and it certainly has the look of an exotic, but I think it's accesible enough to be considered semi-exotic. Special editions such as Zanardi would definitely enhance it's exclusivity, but it would still be an NSX. And believe me, there is nothing wrong with semi-exotic. :wink:

I consider the NSX a semi-exotic, although I can't and WON'T put it along the same lines of the 911 (that car is a legend). Besides the P-car has a very original shape, unlike the Honda (NSX and HSC) which takes design cues from the current Ferraris.

But it's definitely not rice, I don't know how anyone can even classify the NSX that way.

Yes.....it al comes down to this : semi-exotic and not rice are the best words to describe it.By the way...how much is a brand new Acura in the US as a new NSX costs in Europe(Germany) no more than EURO 94,000 which roughly means $119,000 ...not being an semi-exotic but a true exotic adding also it's selling figures here overseas :P

The 2004 NSX retails for $89,000 in the U.S. Comparable to a Lotus Esprit I would say, which is definitely exotic. The NSX being kind of expensive for a " semi-exotic ", and the Esprit being " cheap " for an exotic.


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