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New M5 to be presented at Geneva in March ? / 500? 550?? hp.


Since the power output of the next M5 has been so hotly debated, and we will soon find out what it i  

  1. 1. Since the power output of the next M5 has been so hotly debated, and we will soon find out what it i

    • 5.5L V-10 - 500 horsepower ...
    • 5.5L V-10 - 550 horsepower ...
    • 5.5L V-10 - Somewhere in between ...
    • 5.5L V-10 - 550+ ...

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i say 550 and it is a 90 degree

Yes it's 90 degree, thats' a V.

I haven't voted myself, it's a little hard to decide. Having faith in the powers of BMW M tells me it will be 550. Suspicions that practical realities won't meet the claims of the PR department tells me it's might not be. I don't think they will give us anything less than 500+ though. Remember, M cars can do more with less.

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schau doch mal hier zum Thema Zubehör für BMW M (Anzeige)? Eventuell gibt es dort etwas Passendes.

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The silver paint kind of makes the funky headlamps blend in a bit. The new 5 is a travesty of sorts, but they have managed to make this M5 purposful in appearance.

In the rear and profile though, it probably does not come off the same way. One of those " looks okay from certain angle " cars.

kinda like the " looks ok under certain lights " girls.

I never watched Seinfeld much, but I think I know what you're talking about. The pretty girl who looked really sadistic under harsh light right?

I'd like to know why anyone thinks the M6 would crank more power than the M5. That would leave the 5 lovers feeling a little short cheated, and everyone would know it's a marketing ploy. BMW hasn't the brand conflicts of GM. Which is why the Cadillac CTS-V makes 5 less horsepower as the ZO6 Vette - marketing. BMW has no reason to stoop to that level, M cars don't compete with eachother like that.

Where in the poll range does it cater for the possibility that power will be less than 500hp? Which is a possibility considering reliability is important for an engine spinning at about 8-9k rpm. :wink:


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