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VIDEO: DINAN S2 vs. stock M5


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Wow...there really is a big difference. Those 76hp more really show up here. I think it's really cool to own a 4-door, 5-seat car that can outdo the majority of sports cars...

Imagine what will Dinan do to the next M5...especially if it comes out stock with 550hp...something like 610hp naturally aspirated is not unbelievable I think...it would be a rocket.

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Notice that the S2 has 3 people in it and the stock has 2. You can really see that exchanging the stock breaks for better brembo ones will do wonders, the stock breaks are just too soft. The S2 guy has probably done this before cause his shifting is near perfect while the stock guy just lets it run untill the redline and shifts.

I just love the sound those cars make btw :)

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