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Come Up With Something New America


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I don't know about you but I think that the god damn American automakers could come up with something new. All of the cars are just copies from the old ones. Like the Ford GT40, the 2005 stang, the Shelby Cobra, the Chevy SSR, the PT Cruiser etc are all old remakes. They should stop remaking and make.

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you know, you really have a point there.

america's auto industry is in trouble right now, and they are looking at their glorious past to help solve the problem when the japanese and europeans are looking to the future (actually, the japanese usually look to the europeans, the europeans look to the future). We need to stop drawing so heavily from what we've done, and make something new and memorable. All the great american classic cars were all originals. We need to redefine what makes an american car and put ourselves back on top.

Come on, the Europeans are lost as much as anyone. If one's past is illustrious, I see nothing wrong with making a career of recreating it in one form or another.

People who are constantly " looking to the future " are simply afraid of being left behind by the crowd, as if the crowd knows a damn. Feel content in the present, and the past, and you will feel no need to forcefully " create " your future. It will just develop itself naturally and come to you.

That may be the Tortous way over the Hare way, but it yeilds the best results. Anything else is just contrived.

American cars have had the same theme for 40 years or 50 years, it's quickly becoming outdated, old, and lackluster. The time has come to reinvent the great american car, because right now we're loosing the race. The germans and the japanese are moving ahead and we are not. I'd hate to see our once great auto industry, the industry we started, wither here.

If people over seas can have divrgent new ideas on cars, why can't we?

American cars have not had the same theme for the past 50 years -- the american cars are just now recovering from the FWD fiasco we call the 80's and 90's --

Americans tried something new then and it fell on its face -- so going back to what we know we like isn't necessarily a bad thing-- RWD - big engine (the hemi thing - i know its a marketing campaign but it's working like a mo-fo) -- isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially if it brings about cars like the chrysler 300C...

300C will be a great car, but it is in fact little more than a rebodied last generation E-Class mercedes with american engines and interiors. The chasis, transmission, driveline components are all german. It will no doubt be a great car, and the hemi is more than marketing, i'll admit it. The hemi, while still pushrod, embraces some of the design features that make DOHC engines more efficient, like central spark plug location and better valve angles. That's how a run of the mill truck motor using the hemi design can make the same amount of power on 87 octane as the much more complicated (and fragile) corvette motor can at the same 5.7L using 91 octane. It should be noted that the new hemi has gotten lots of praise for being a very refined engine (especially for a pushrod), so if old american technology can be made to work that well, i think it's a good thing, and i've never been a chrysler guy, but i'll say the hemi impresses me. a lot.

I think once run of the mill american cars go back to the rear drive layout (which i see as far superior for a number of reasons), we might just have what it takes to be number one. We are improving faster than anyone else is, we have a ways to go, but if we don't cop out, we'll get there.

You might make fun of me and my liking an attractive dash board and car with doors that shut with a good thunk and no rattles, but that is what sells bread and butter cars, smooth ride, smooth engine, good power, and reasuring build - that and they have to be asthetically pleasing and affordable. The japanese have capitolized on it, but we are really starting to come around.

I like the 300C a lot, i don't fault it for heavy use of german parts, i just think it would have been the right thing to do to let the boys in detroit make a rear drive car, i'm sure - since it was being designed especially for these cars, it would have been more cost effective and possibly even in some ways more modern than the old benz platform. Either way its fine, i just think for an american name like 300, it's better done right.

Yeah, I'm thinking it would be cheaper to use the old E-Class chassis than design a new one. A two for the price of one deal, I'm sure the last E-Class payed itself off a long time ago. E-CLass quality is good, but Chrysler deserves more autonomy than that, just like all brands owned by VW.

I saw a picture of the base 300 and I thought it was some kind of photoshop joke. It does not look very good on base gray wheels, and big baloon tires. This is one car where a set of 20-22" rims would actually look prime. A return to rear drive is definitely a good move. For years I've been wishing Chrysler would stop playing with V6 front drivers. Right now I'm wondering when the light bulb will go on, and they plop a Hemi into the Crossfire. I believe America can carve out it's own profitable niche once again.

The americans have to come up with something really good to make us europeans buy it. The only car the Europeans like at the moment, is the Ford GT (the name isn't GT 40 anymore!) and the Crossfire. The Cadillacs and GM's are slaughtered here in Europe. They have only gotten one star (out of 5), which is, without saying, really bad. The Americans would have to come up to European standards when they are going to try to sell a car over here and less American. If someone buys an American car, it's usually a Tahoe or Suburban. That's it! But if you buy a Cadillac STS for example, then everyone here would ask then why they didn't go for a German or English car, and the only thing the buyers would say that they are patriots and they wanted something else. That's the only reason that they are buying one. That is why there are only 2 Cadillacs on the roads here and some more of the other brands.

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over in europe my friends and relatives have a lot of mixed opinions about american cars. some think they are very comfortable and would love to buy one, others think their cars are better. i for one am with the people who think thier cars are better. obviously no contest when they drive audi, bmw, range rover, ferrari , lamborghini, porsche. my family would never trade anyone of their cars for an american. its really the minority that likes the cadillac over their bmw.. maybe because its an american name? some people seem to be drawn to that, where others hate it for that reason. oh well, i think that most europeans are nationalists.. they love their country and want only their products. granted there are many german and british cars in my family, but at least its still in europe!!

my freinds from germany laugh at american cars, kinda like they come broken from the factory, but then defend lexus to me. Try to convince a bavarian there is something better than a BMW, or try to tell someone from stuttgart there is a better car than a benz, just like someone in deerborn will tell you there is only car, ford.

The only 300 that will be worthwhile is the 300C, you're right, the body and design simply don't work well unless they are decked out fairly well. That and the 300 is going to be slow with either of the V6 engines.

I'm sure the E is paid for, but that isn't the point. It is a half german car wearing the name 300. How about if we go build a corvette on an M3 chasis and call it a corvette. Would that offend you? It would bother me.

Technically, Cadillac is not really an American name either. The company was named after the French explorer, Le Sieur Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac who discovered Detroit in the 18th. century. My question is, how do you go about discovering Detroit? :wink:

But yes, the Cadillac name has become as American as apple pie and Cheese Whiz, and I don't think it should be seen as inferior just because they're not of European taste. Actually, I think Caddy would be better off to dump any pretense of Euro cool, and dive head first into what they always did best. Build flamboyant cruisers, that ride like a Rolls but for a quarter of the price.

A Chrysler 300 based off of an old Mercedes is kind of acceptable, hopefully down the road they will get their own platform and things to work with. A Corvette based upon an M3 however would be worse than slapping an M badge on a 318i.

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I think Ford has run out of ideas...They're just rehashing their glorious past, instead of making new classics that will define their company.

On a side note, that Cobra concept is ugly. It looks like one big slab of fiberglass. Very chunky styling.

Out of all the american companies Dodge (Chrysler) had the most recent bright idea in creating the Viper. No other NEW American car since has created such an impact (not counting the ME-Four Twelve concept).



If there is anything worth rehashing, it's a glorious past, wouldn't you agree? The new Cobra concept is quite cruddy looking, I think Carrol Shelby should hang it up, and stop trying to relive his glorious past, because he obviously is not good at it.

I've said before that there are only so many ways to package four wheels and some seats, and that is true. The same I'm sure is true in regards to doing it tastefully. Everything is a rehash of something, the Viper is it's own legend, but the inspiration for that car was the original Shelby Cobra. There is no need to be " new and different " just for the sake of it, when " inspired by the greatness of old " works just fine. The old days were the opitome of American style, and well worth rehashing - or reinterpreting. The fact that it reached it's zenith 40 or 50 years ago is irrelevant.

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The Cobra still performs as well as any 200k supercar made today and it is from 40 years ago - that says something about how visionary it was and how great american techonology was.

Sadly, our auto industry lost that vision, and is still using most of the same technology, but if they could make a modern cobra to due justice to the original, it could be the turning of the tide for the american auto industry. that car is the greatest of automotive icons.


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