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Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept-E


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Hey i was jus wondering wat ya'll thought bout this.

The looks r brand new and it has a VERY sweet hybrid/electric motor blend.

Watch this video and tell me wat ya'll think and i'll list the specs of it below the video.

It's not a very long video but i hope to find more bout this new eclipse.


Mitsubishi’s other concept vehicle, the Eclipse Concept-E, is a molten-metal-colored two door that includes an “E-Boost” hybrid powertrain.

The eye-catching concept is all-wheel drive, with one engine—a 270-horspower 3.8-liter V6—powering the front wheels and a 150-kilowatt, E-Boost electric motor powering the rear wheels and adding 200 more horsepower for a total of 470.

Innovative touches include an instrument panel that seems to float amid ambient light, a glass roof and 20-inch wheels.

“The Eclipse Concept-E suggests that performance and fuel efficiency need not be mutually exclusive,” said Ulrich Walker, executive vice president of Mitsubishi Motors Corp. “E-Boost is environmentally friendly technology, but it’s also pure driving fun.”

Mitsubishi officials said the Eclipse Concept-E indicates the aspirations the company has for the next Eclipse coupe. Introduced in 1990, the Eclipse has tallied sales of nearly 750,000.

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If this actually goes on production sale i'll DEFINITELY be willing to trade my 2003 for it.

In a heartbeat. Listen to the engine when he rev's it up as soon as he gets on the turntable.

It sounds awesome. I Jus love this so far i'm going to search more up on it.

I don't know about the car itself but if the final production car is going to have the same exhaust note then I'll hereby officialy declare it as the worste exhaust note I have ever heard.

The pickup truck will probably end up getting a MB engine, like most of Mitshubishi trucks do (Pajero, L200 and Canter). I think it's funny when they put those stickers on the back which sais: "Powered by Mercedes-Benz".

concepts like that nearly always get dummed down a ton before (if) they make production.

Yes they said the 20-inch rims won't make it 2 production.

They also said the 150KW electric motor that adds an additional 200rwhp might be dumped.

But still a V6 hittin 270hp.

It's bout time eclipse's stopped with the lil engines and started 2 try demolishing its competition.

with that big iron 3.8L up front, the eclipse shold make 270hp and be quick, and handle like balls. Eclipse is one of my favorite every day japanese cars, largely cause it has sharp handling. i think they'd be better going to DOHC and adding a turbo the the 3.0L.

I know, i ESPECIALLY love the idea of them going back to the GSX platform of AWD.

I love it, it looks really nice too.

I think they should have 2 models, available.

One, the original 3.8L V6 making 270hp and torque will be most likely higher than the HP.

Two, have the 3.8L V6 turbo/supercharged version and have torque considerably around the area.

Then have both in convertible and coupe trims.

Realizing it havin bein turbo/supercharged trims it should easily be hittin 370hp.

Also with it's all new lightweight design it should be considerably lighter than all 3 gen's be4 it.

This would seriously be put out of the, "japanese rice rocket category" and into the "sport coupe/ supercar," category.

Since i am a member of 3g eclipse club, there's been rumors of a Twin-Turbo in the fixes for our 3g eclipses (00-04).

So i'm sure if the other model is a turbocharged version, then it should legitimately be Twin-Turbo'd.


mitsubishi isn't big into twin turbos, evo does just fine with one. The mitsubishi's 3.8L engine is really really heavy for that small and light of a car. I doubt they'd return to all-wheel drive, or go over 270hp with it, because then they would cut into sales of evo. I'd atleast like to see a dohc 3.0L V6 to get say 250hp, or turbo the one they have. Mitsu doesn't do superchargers (they are one of the world's biggest makers of turbochargers.

They could have sumbody like RippModds have the superchargers for their cars.

Thats wat i have in my car now and its nothing short of perfect.

The guy at RippModds has his own GT and he wanted to created a turbocharger 4 it.

He said turbo's weren't exactly good for the 4G64/6G72 engines becuz they would have more excess lag than normal.

So he divised a supercharger with turbo characteristic's that creates enormous hp like a turbo but without lag and long term effects that turbo's cause.

He created the perfect supercharger and it would be jus perfect if in 2005 they made the 4G64 supercharged with RippModds SDS and have the 6G72 supercharged as well.

Add more models to the line-up.

I think they still need to get away from the engines they have now and go with the concepts.

I would thoroughly enjoy a NA 3.8L V6 under the bonnet using lightweight materials creating 270hp rather than having the current 2.4L and 3.0L supercharged.

They said the electric motor that adds 200 hp. to the rear wheels could be dumped? So what their saying is that they want to get in on the hybrid fad to look good, but their cheap ass heart isn't in really in it. I think anything that promises that much of a power gain should definitely be looked into.

A lot could be done if someone would get off their ass and introduce a real hybrid performance car. It's not just for feather weight green machines like the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight. In fact the current expense of such technology is better suited to a more expensive application.

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Hallo skyline_r34v,


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You know i totally agree with u LNC, i believe they should leave the hybrid 150KW electric motor in there along with the 3.8L V6 becuz that would be an unrivaled sports compact coupe.

I mean i don't really care bout the 20-in wheels not making it to production,

most likely they would do more bad than good.

But the hybrid 3.8L V6 hittin at 270fwhp and the 150KW e-motor bringing 200rwhp along with of course AWD, so it could obviously have all the power of both motors going to the ground, and a LSD would be 470whp.

You could be talkin about a, 11-12 second 1/4 mile, 3.5-4sec 0-60mph, sport compact car threatenin porsche's, ferrari's, lambo's....etc u name it.

There wouldn't be any need to upgrade the power cuz thats enuff, unless u want to upgrade the suspension and gear the transmission perfectly.

I read that the reason they might dump the e-motor is becuz they haven't absolutely perfected it yet.

But hell thats wat its a damn concept car for the idiots, it's not gonna be perfect when u 1st create it. I mean its not like its gone be out in the next 2-3 years, so hell take the time the next few years to work on it and make it sync perfectly.

If they do perfect it, it'll be the very 1st, that i know of, e-motor performance car ever.

I know if they did make this out to the production along with everything they said, then its not going to be newhere near as cheap the regular eclipses r goin 2 be. But who really cares?

I would think the price would be sumwhere a lil over the price of a totally deluxed '04 GTS spyder.

I definitely would think it'd be well worth the money.

I'm goin 2 email Mitsubishi or try 2 call them jus 2 let them know my opinion bout the concept car and see if they'll put a chance in hell in listenin 2 me.

I highly doubt they will since their customer service sucks dick but who knows they might surprise me.

With that kind of power it could defintely run with a 911 Turbo, and then some. Building the first hybrid performance car, able to compete with cars such as the 911 Turbo would be such a status symbol, it's amazing no manufacturer is doing anything with it. They should jump at it, that would increase public support for hybrids immeasurably, which would translate into demand. And you know when the demand is there, they will find a way to make it affordable. Skyline is right, saying that the electric motor won't make production in two or three years is just them stalling. Work on it people, nose to the grind stone.

People would say " I never thought about having a car like a Prius, but I want a car like that hot ass half electric Mitso! " :P

I jus read on a site that the e-boost motor acts exactly like a supercharger.

The eclipse will mainly rely on the 3.8L V6 for when ur daily commuting, when the time cums for racing the e-motor kicks in the extra 200 horses.

Sorta like a constant 200hp shot of nitrous but hella safer and no lag time associated with a supercharger.

Thats awesome.

You know i wouldn't jump to conclusions fox and say this Eclipse is going to be near a $120k Mitsu.

Hell Mitsu has never had a nething stock above $70k much less $120k's.

Most expensive car Mitsu ever dealt with is the 1996 GTO VR-4 Spyder and it's at $65k.

Plus this is still going to be an economy/sports coupe.

I doubt they're going to take away the image/namesake of Eclipse being an performanced economy car and turn it into a high-performance machine like the 911TT.

They will most likely still try to make this available to

younger gen's and older gen's while still tryin 2 keep the costs down.

They won't make a $120k Eclipse EVER, that's not their style and not the way they work.

That would basically ruin their image of having cheap yet fairly great performance cars.

I know this will be nowhere near as cost effective as the Eclipse's out 2day, but i'm sure that it'll be around the area of $30k-$40k.

I know what you meant. If it were as expensive as a 911 Turbo, it would be no big deal because it would be able to compete performance wise. Thats' what the cause for environmentally sound vehicles needs to give it an extra push. A flagship hybrid supercar with super economy and super performance.

I love the old gas powered concept, it has a lot of soul, but at the same time, keeping the air clean is no joke. We don't need development dollars being spent on twin-turbo V-12s' or 1,000 hp. V-16s', in the times we're living in that's really apalling. Not to sound like a pessimist, but I believe we're approaching a time where it's " do or die ". Get serious about alternative methods of power, or choke on the fumes that doing nothing will bring.

Hybrid power is a start, and I'm sure it can be made into something fun to drive. The industry just needs to stop using it as a novelty, a public relations tool to make it seem as though they're doing their part to keep the environment healthy. And then turn around and build a huge ass SUV. Fortunately, vehicles like the H2 and Ford Excavation, or whatever that stupid thing is called are beginning to be held to the same standard as cars.

What is everyone's take on this?

I think its a gr8 idea to start makin hybrid's or jus plain out performance e-motor's.

E-motor's r without souls cuz they r still brand new to the car world.

Once they start appearin more and more with each/every new car they'll began 2 grow on u.

Jus like when the 1st car came out, ppl were like wats this thing.

And now we're extremely fascinated bout them but now its the electric motors turn 2 be like, wtf's this? and have it proven to make us fascinated with it, also.

They need time to grow on u, when they do then u'll start 2 see and

feel the soul in them like internal combustion engines do now.

well fox is right. they dont have the same feel, or "soul" ( i like that usage of the word fox) as gas engines. electric engines deliver all of their torque nearly instantly and have great low end response. but its the sound, the growl that it lacks. electic engines seem docile, dormant. they are almost silent. but ethanol would be fun, i think methanol is legal in italy. i have seen gas stations for it. nothing like shooting blue flames out the exhaust!

methanol is toxic as sin, but sounds like a fun fuel.

ethanol can be grown in the US, is cheap, clean, naturally very high octane, and is renewable, aside from again, very low emmissions, and we could still drive cars that barked, growled, ramped up the power as the RPMs rised, and each had their own personalities. Electric motors are linear and predictable, totally, they have no personality or soul at all. And proponents of electric cars boggle me. The electricity to power that car was made by burning coal, which last time i checked was dirtier than gas, ethanol, methanol, or any other fun fossil fuel.

hybrids aren't a bad idea for people who don't enjoy driving and like gas mileage, but electric motors just don't give me the thrill of a barky exhaust note, it takes away part of the driving experience.

I will go ahead and toot my own horn and say I mentioned gas engines having " soul " first, also in the Amazing 80s' thread last year :D .

Well, when automobiles first came on the scene, they really didn't possess much soul then either, a lot of curiosities sure, but not a lot of soul. They were basically horse drawn buggies with no horse. Electric is that way now, not very fun. But down the road, they could be engineered to produce their own unique, and preferably desirable, sound. Motors such as these have always been engineered to be as silent as possible, now they need to find a way to give them a voice.

I thought about that one, but people might find that a little fake. Even though the BMW Z4 has a similar feature, the sounds are derived from a real engine, not a computer program. No, that would not be cool.

I will go ahead and toot my own horn and say I mentioned gas engines having " soul " first, also in the Amazing 80s' thread last year :D .

Well, when automobiles first came on the scene, they really didn't possess much soul then either, a lot of curiosities sure, but not a lot of soul. They were basically horse drawn buggies with no horse. Electric is that way now, not very fun. But down the road, they could be engineered to produce their own unique, and preferably desirable, sound. Motors such as these have always been engineered to be as silent as possible, now they need to find a way to give them a voice.

Didn't i jus say that. :lol:


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