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Lingenfelter Corvette vs. Eagle Talon


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i guess it's not a lingenfelter, i found this at a couple other forums...

It's a 99 Z51R with DRM 450 top end, NX 150 shot nitrous, B&B Headers and PRT exhaust, Donaldson filter, Baer rotors, Z06 fuel rail covers and front screens, B&M ripper, Chrome ZO6's, Lowered 1 1/2".

This is his own words about the race.

"OK, OK it was me. Kind of embarrassing being that I have a 16 yr. old in high school and that video is all I've been hearing about for the last few weeks from him and his friends, its all over the internet now... And its not a lingenfelter, its a rippie!!

These kids were pretty cool and talked to me for a while, his talon goes 13.01 and his buddies went 12.33 last week at the track. I tried the nitrous for the first time when we raced from a stop, and learned you can't arm it before launch. As soon as he said "three" I stomped it to the floor (yeah I forgot everything) and the tires went up in smoke, it wasn't until third gear I figured I better get some traction before I nail it, you can really see the headlights leap up when it finally hooks.

I was laughing my *** off the first time I saw it. It does make it tough to tell my kid not to street race though. At least he'll know to stay away from the vettes."

You can check out Eric's Vette here.


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