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I'm just wondering what would you take if you had to make a rice rocket. I'm not sure what I would get. Probably a Lexus IS300, a 1995 Mazda RX-7 or a 2001 Honda Prelude SE. Shw pics of what you might like yours to look like. Here's mine:


226160_1_full.jpg or


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minus the vynil ( however you spell it) i like all those cars asthetically. the is300 is a great platform due to its space and engine 2JZ which is the same motor as the supra but non turbo... guess what, all you need is boost. rx-7 is a cool car, but that dirty wankel will break every 40K or so. prelude also a nice car ( i own one, older though, prelude si.) handles really well.

The IS300 has a nice attention of speed and fastness jus needs a turbo and it would be gr8.

It has pretty decent performance to back itself up.

So not really rice material when u can back up ur talk and walk it too.

The RX-7 couldn't be considered rice even if u put 10 million vinyl's all over it.

Remember rice means all-show-no-go.

The guy on the RX-7 jus got 2 carried away with the graphix.

The RX-7 always has its power 2 back itself up if it was slammed with millions of stickers.

The honda prelude SE would be the most likely candidate since its really not that fast in stock form.

So the honda prelude SE would be MY choice if i wanted a "ricer".

I never do but that's wat i'd pick cuz its got the least performance by far of those 3.

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You may all think this is a little weird, but if I were to create a " ricer ", I would go with a 1985 or '86 Honda Prelude. Dark blue would be nice. I have always liked the sharp clean lines of that Prelude, also the view and driving position is great. I prefer the stealth look, so I would keep it simple, with no ground effects, and silly stickers and paint. I would equip the car with some light performance and suspension modificaions, including a tasteful twin-pipe muffler, perhaps driving lights and window tint.

I like the idea of a cheap, cool car. So this would be my choice.




I would put on a nice set of 16" or 17" wheels, maybe something like this ...


Or this ...


wow latenite, i'm glad you don't rice cars. Me personally, if i were a ricer, i would A: be lazy, and B: know nothing about cars, so i'd go get a mitsubishi ralliart, slap ground effects and some vtec stickers on it, and go act like i could beat M3s.

You need to completely rebuild the engine on IS300 before you can do any real turbo boosting, you need to drop the compression, get a more aggressive cam, maybe even a stiffer crank, small details like that, then turbo it, and the IS300 is not cheap, nor is it all that fast out of the box, definately a fun car, but performanc wise, it's no better than a 325i E46. The prelude handles nice for a front-drive car, they aren't all that bad, the newer ones (like 2001) really had some potential.

I don't know anyone who enjoys working on the RX-7, first off, you need to be or know a good rotary engine mechanic (there are few who are any good), seccondly, parts are the world's biggest pain in the ass, and they arne't cheap, i like the idea, i'd never buy one though.

Believe me, if I were a ricer, I would be a very tasteful one. There is such a thing. Anyway, I wouldn't be so much " ricing " the Prelude, as I would be " sporting " it up. That old Prelude has good wheel arches, and looks hot with the right wheels. I would focus primarily on handling. You can pick one of these up for a few thousand, I just might do this sometime.

Rotaries are really cool if you're into alternatives. It's nice that Mazda has stuck with it, I'm glad to see they're still around, and not lost as an experimental eccentricity of the 80's or something.

my thought are that rotaries are great, so long as i don't have to own one. GIR says they have the best efficiency, just not fuel efficiency, anything that has both the intake and exhaust open at once can't. Fuel efficiency has always been very poor, and meeting north american emmissions is extremely hard, even for the renesis, which had to be severely detuned from where it was originally in japan. They burn a lot of gas, and not very cleanly, which is a disadvantage. They shouldn't require more maintance if you think about the design, but they do, they need a ton, and it isn't easy, which is really unfortuneate, because otherwise, they really are cool engines.


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