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This MAY be the new S-class.


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The front is a mix of the E class with some "artistic" freedom, ulgy and those two openings on the side aren't techincaly sound aswell.

The rear is the current S mixed with a BMW 7 series.

If you look how the car is styled, you'll see that some things don't check out. The headlights for instance, where are the fog lights? where are the turninglights? They made 2 round things on the side of the lights there are supposed to be foglights but so close to XEON lights is techincaly impossible.

The frontskirt is AMG.

In the back the exhaust tips seem to coming out thin air or going through the bumper.

The pillar on one side is stright and suddenly on the other side has the trunklid. The pillar had to apear a little bent but because they did a bad job it looks more straight which gives an od combo with the trunklid.

The rearwindow ends in the trunlid. How is MB supposed todo that? The trunklid won't open anymore.

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schau doch mal hier zum Thema Zubehör für Mercedes (Anzeige)? Eventuell gibt es dort etwas Passendes.

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i kinda sorta like the front.... but the rear is questionable. on the rear pic i see what LNC is saying about the rx-8 fenders. but that rear pic looks very very, photoshopped. i dont like the trunk buldge, i hope the finished product will flow better in the rear.

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