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2004/2005 Passat.


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its strange for me to look at VW in the same way as i look at bmw, or audi. i never considered them bad cars ( i love VW) just not in the same league as the other germans ( aside from the touareg wich is stunning). its strange for me to think that a VW wil have 500hp, will they be using the RS6 motor?

i think the W engines are an awesome idea. 2 90degree V engines offset by 15 degrees sharing the same crank. its a cool idea to save space.

off topic but, does the r32 have a vr6? i know its a 3.2litre but i dont know if its a V or VR.

i think that's an ordinary v6...vw is developing the current's vr6 successor by now which will put out 300-320 hp from 3.6l of displacement

i guess that it could appear in s3,it will be most likely used in the upcoming rs4 (but biturbocharged producing around 500 horses),it might be used in the a6,passat....

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the current passat is slowly becomming out-dated...especially its interior...it's about time for VW to come up with a successor.BTW if this is TOO futuristic how would you want it to look like.if you saw what for instance Opel wants to reveal in a relatively short time you wouldn't find it futuristic anymore.

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