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Mercedes Vision CLS

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What do u know and what do u think about the concept Mercedes Vision CLS? It has a biturbo diesel inside. It seems a good one: the car has muscles and responsiveness. The styling is also superb.

The thing that surprises me a bit is that MB presents a concept car that has a diesel as standard. Are MB trying to create a wave of super stylish, elegant, bulky-coupé-curved 4 door saloon, diesel potent car?

What's ur opinion on the concept?

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Looks like a Maybach cartoon with wheels right off an M3. It's a luxurious performance sedan - but with a Diesel - Mercedes has vision. Get it :wink: ? Vision CLS from '03 equipped with a bi-turbo Diesel V6, it claims 265hp. and 413lb.ft. 0-62 mph. in 6.4 sec. It must be kind of a big engine.

We definitely know where MB design is going. It's not a bad looking car, but I think Mercedes-Benz is horribly unfocused. They have so many production cars, and concepts going it's hard to keep track. It kind of cancels out any possible excitment.



I don't know if it's a V6 or a big engine but it's stats show 7.5l/100km, which is pretty impressive for a vehicle of that size(a merc), even if it's a diesel.

I find it more classier than the S-class and as u wrote it, it's a little Maybach with diesel muscle. Personally, I find it the most charming merc around. Hope it won't remain a concept or the series production car won't cut from it's charm.

I still wonder why a diesel?!

How will it be received in the states? If it wasn't for the body they'd say it's a truck... :lol::evil:

Anyway, I found this link:


Yeap, I see ur point. Maybe they are just doing a study: test the market for a stylish car with a diesel engine as standard. Maybe they'll take some elements from this study and apply them on the E-class and the S-class, maybe but who knows?! :-?

Anyway, this is only a concept for the moment, like Z9, was at his time and BMW used it for the actual coming 6-series. There, I've seen the use of the concept.

But, the thing that bugs me the most is why MB is actually going to build some R-class? :( By that time they would already have the new M-class and nearly(I remember) the next S-class. Mainly, they will be sold in north America, but still why such a car???? In this case, I think MB are just petting themselves on the shoulders for designing and building this grose thing (R-class, my opinion).

Whether or not it's a V6, I would say 7.5 liters is pretty darn big.

I can't really say I care what Mercedes does. They're just drowning the market with pointless vehicles, when they should really trim the fat of their product line and focus on quality, rather than percieved quality. Just because they are Mercedes. Which is doing no service to their clientele, or their own reputation.

Where did u get that 7.5L figure? Then it's realy a truck!!! But it can't be so big and consume 7.5L of diesel fuel per 100km, as they say.

Anyway, I'm not either a MB fan, more like a BMW one as I like the slickness and sporty character of BMWs. I still got charmed by this merc I saw in those pictures(and by its engine, too).

The R-class seems a pointless vehicle for me, too. I wonder how well will it sell...

that CLS looks like a bigger merc-ifyed lexus ES300 to me. A mercedes with a 7.5L engine better be fast, i fail to see why they need another SUV, aren't G-Wagen and ML enough? their lineup is huge already.

Where did u get that 7.5L figure?

I don't know if it's a V6 or a big engine but it's stats show 7.5l/100km.

I've never heard the size of whats under the CLS hood, I thought you may have. What did you mean by 7.5l?

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Bizzarre units ? :) Here in Europe all units are the International System of Measurements units, we use liters, kilograms and meters. I think the strangest measurement units are the american ones, because they are not world-wide standardised.

I don't know, 30 miles per gallon just seems to make more sense to me. I'll tell you whats' really strange. The way the British calculate horespower per pound. Something like 13Kw/1lb. or something to that effect :wink: . Here it's just 10 lbs. per hp.

our standard unit of measurement here in the states is easy for us because everything around us uses it. i find the metric system to be much easier to use in calculation due to the fact that its system is based on 10s. i wish everyone here would use it so we could all learn it!! until then, standard for me will do.

One form of U.S. measurement that is more accurate, and that no one except old-schoolers seems to use anymore is cubic inches.

An engine could be 347 or 351 cubic inches, or anything in between, but metrically it would just be 5.7 liters.

Unless you want to go around saying, " I've got a 5.7 and 3/4 under my hood. "

but using CC's is even more accurate, so really when you say you have a 5.7L LS1 V8, what you really mean is you have a 346 cu in engine, or one that is 5,665 ccs,

how about a 502cu in engine?

i agree with fox. i love cc's when using ci i get confused. for instance my motor is 3498ccs so i know it is a 3.5 liter. but in ci my motor is 198.... to me the ccs are much much sipler when figuring out engine size.

Anyway, for the americans, if it is 5800cc or 5700 it will make around 350hp if we are lucky... If there is more horsepower they will begin to call it "tuning" (generaly this does not exit in the U.S.A. (for street cars)).

No... a tuning it's a turbo or a compressor, for them... :evil:

But hey, we need that. It's diversity to make everyone happy. If you want a big displacement American torque monster that you can work on in your own driveway, it's there. If you want a high revving European technical marval, thats' there too.

Plus, AMG which is European, is all about " American " style tuning.

Yeah, the MB people are unscrupulous guys: they build and sell what the biggest and richest market demands. The big V8 still is one of the symbols of America and it is no wonder that Amg has one, even supercharged, to deliver high amounts of tourque, in the good American tradition.

Hell no!!! I like diversity myself and I'm not judging their existence, I was just speaking freely.

Why does it still exist??! For me it's like this: in the primitive periods of the car industry bigger ment better. The Americans had neither the constraint of fuel, nor that of space, just like: "I need a big engine for this big car, cause in this big country we have many gas stations (and few mpg)". There are still no constraints, so the engines still exist. As long as it works, it is not asked why...

The Real Thing - '427' V8 engine


For me its more impressive for an engine with smaller displacement to put out more power. For instance the new m3 with its 3298cc motor with 333 hp is impressive, whereas a 5.7L LT1 delivers only 285hp is not. To me it really sais something when a motor is almost half the size of another and puts out close to the same hp. Another example is my S4 engine. granted it uses FI but still its a 2.7L and with just a chip is close to 400hp and way over 400 in torque.

I thought the M3 has 3246cc and 343bhp.

Of course it is more impressive to see more bhp/L, but also a big engine can make an impression.

Also the M3 is impressive as it shows optimal power and torque curves and because of this it has received some awards.


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